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Title: 孫康宜的旅美隨筆與訪談作品
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2010
Publisher: 臺北縣:國立臺北大學中國語文學系
Abstract: 孫康宜教授是美國耶魯大學東亞語文系著名的華人教授,自 1994年她出版了首部作品《耶魯潛學集》開始,迄於 2007年的《走出白色恐怖》(增訂版),她已陸續出版了十部以中文書寫為主的著作。本文研究的範疇以孫康宜教授的隨筆與訪談作品為主,探討作者在跨語言、跨文化的教學生涯中所呈現的特殊書寫面向。 美國華文作家的作品普遍著眼於書寫中國移民離鄉背井之苦、維持華人身份的焦慮、移民在中國與美國兩個不同文化之間的定位,以及主流社會對華人的接受或排斥等主題。以上的課題在孫康宜教授的作品中是隱而不顯的,相對於許多海外華文作家所書寫的「漂泊離散」文學,孫康宜教授的作品更多呈現出一種「優遊於中、美文學與文化之間」的從容風格。本文將探討孫康宜教授的創作背景、書寫主題、跨文化敘述,以及其作品對於全球蓬勃發展的華語文教學領域所架構的橋樑功能究為如何。
Kang-I Sun Chang is a renowned professor of Chinese descent with the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures of Yale University. She has authored more than ten books in Chinese during the period from 1994 when she published her first book entitled “YeLu QianXueJi” to 2007 when she published the book entitled “Journey through the White Terror” (New Edition). This paper explores Sun Chang’s writing style during her bilingual and cross-cultural teaching career based mainly on her essays and interviews. Chinese American writers often focus their works on the agonies of Chinese immigrants being away from home, the anxiety of keeping the Chinese identity, the positioning of themselves as immigrants crossing two different cultures: Chinese and American, and the acceptance and rejection by the mainstream society. Those issues were embedded in her works. Unlike the ‘Diaspora’ literature written by many overseas Chinese writers, Sun Chang revealed the free-wheeling style roaming between Chinese and American literatures and cultures. This paper investigates the background of Sun Change in terms of the settings, themes, cross-cultural description of her words, and discusses how her works may serve as the bridge in the scaffolding the field of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language around the world.
ISSN: 1993-1638
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