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Title: 故宮數位典藏文物融入華語文化教材之創新開發─以清院本清明上河圖為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2012
Publisher: 中壢市:中原大學應用華語文學系
Abstract: 近年海外僑界與學界不斷呼籲希望可將故宮文物融入華語文教學中,使華語文學習不僅限於「語言」習得,而能包括文化認知與傳承。此需求既蘊含廣大僑民與海外學界對於華語教學「語言」與「文化」融合教育的期望,也開啟全面檢視現有國內外華語文化教材的必要性。本研究提出運用故宮數位典藏平台之豐富中華文化資源,配合華語文能力指標及詞彙分級的概念,作為文化教材內容的編製依據,擬將故宮文物融入華語文教育之中,考察如何將故宮文物與實際生活的食、衣、住、行聯繫起來,並結合臺灣優質的數位教學科技,開發華語文化數位教材。本研究首先分析現有文化教材的適用性,在華語教學學科中,文化類教材大抵出現語言難度偏高,專業辭彙過多,缺乏物質觀念文化和節慶文化深入淺出的教學內容。其次,針對故宮文物數位典藏平台,進行文化教材課程大綱的擬定。最後,編寫出融入故宮數位典藏文物的華語文化教材,藉由語言與文化學習的結合,讓海外學習者能瞭解華語溝通中語言文化的趣味與故宮文物豐富內涵。
Recently, overseas scholars and Chinese communities have suggested that the National Palace Museum collection should be inc1uded in Chinese teaching materials. Chinese learners then will learn not only a "language," but also a culture. This shows overseas scholars and Chinese communities' expectation of the integration of language and culture in Chinese teaching, and marks the beginning of a full investigation of current Chinese culture teaching materials from home and abroad.In this research, researchers begin with the idea that the combination of abundant digital resources of Chinese culture, Chinese competence indicators, and vocabulary levels is the basis of the development of culture teaching materials. This research attempts to integrate the National Palace Museum collection into Chinese teaching to explore its connection to real life. This research also aims to establish Chinese culture digital teaching materials with the application of outstanding digital teaching technology of Taiwan. By the analysis of the adequacy of present culture teaching materials, this research reveals that the language in Chinese culture teaching materials is often difficult with too many proper nouns. Moreover, those teaching materials lack simple contents of material culture and festival culture. In addition, this research outlines the topics of culture c1asses based on the digital archives of National Palace Museum. It is anticipated that the integration of language and culture learning will help overseas learners have a better understanding of the charm of Chinese language culture and the richness of the National Palace Museum collection.
ISSN: 2070-1977
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_H0101_01_007
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