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Title: 臺北市高職工科初任教師生涯規劃之探析
Other Titles: A Study of the Career Planning for Beginning Teachers of Vocational Industrial High Schools in Taipei City
Authors: 林永茂
Issue Date: Aug-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要研究目的在於探討高職工科初任教師選擇擔任教職的原因、生涯規劃、及影響高職工科初任教師生涯規劃的因素。為達成上述目的,以文獻探討及深度訪談為主要研究方法,透過探討相關文獻及暸解高職工科初任教師的現況,並依此研究者還取十五位個案深度訪談。由個案分析後,再進行綜合分析討論。研究結論發現:工科初任教師選擇擔任教職是受到工作價值觀、教職工作特質、支持系統、家庭責任、個人專長與身分、人格特質等因素之影響。工科初任教師做生涯規劃時會考慮、家庭因素、學校因素、個人因素等。本研究分析結果,提出工科初任教師生涯規劃之建議,對教師個人而言,需注意多學習、多投入、多配合學校,並隨時加強專業與實務經驗,提升本身與親師生間溝通能力,當決定生涯進路時需深思熟慮,並重視個人時間管理等。對學校對初任教師之輔導而言,需對不同職務的初任教師給予適當工作量與職前輔導,並且建立學生家長溝通管道以便解決學生管教問題,最後更重要的是給予教師應有的尊重以及提高校園倫理。
The purposes of this study were to explore career plan for IBT of VHS and to study the influence factor for VHS of IBT to make career plan. The methodologies used in this study included literature review and the depth interview Method. Through researching literature and understanding the current situation IBT of VHS, The researcher have taken depth interview with selected 15 cases. The study, according to analyzing and synthesizing, has concluded 6 factors that influence IBT's choice to become a teacher. Those factors includes work value, properties of teacher work type, support system, family duty, expertise or the status and personal characteristic. This research has also made several suggestions toward VHS of IBT, which has been discussed in two aspects : IBTs themselves and assistance that school can offer. For the IBTs themselves, try to keep learning and participatory, and be cooperative with the school administration. Besides, keep improving expertise and experiences, enhance communication between parents, teachers and students. A deliberation is also required. As for assistance that a school can offer, this research recommend school to hold job training for IBT, assign proper working load and establish a good way to communicate for parents and teachers to solve discipline problem. Finally, the most important of all is that the school should give the deserved respect to IBT and advance the campus morality.
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