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Title: 以學生觀點探究目前綜合高中的實施問題及解決對策
Other Titles: Exploring the Problems and Countermeasures from the Students' Viewpoint of Comprehensive High Schools
Authors: 曾國鴻
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 高中職社區化主要是以綜合高中(綜高)為基準,發展出適合社區的學制,本文探討影響綜高的因素,作為高中職社區化的重要參考。我國自民國87年修正「高級中學法」之後,綜高已正式納入學制,發展至今,已與普通高中及高職形成鼎足而三的局面,甚至在90年全國教改會議中明白宣示:「推動以綜高為主的學區制」,由此可知,綜高的發展對未來影響甚巨,本研究即是透過問卷調查及訪談的方式,探究目前綜高學制的施行因素與問題,並提出因應策略,所得結果如下:綜高標榜「適性發展」目標已受到肯定,同時學生選擇就讀綜高的原因也以「進路多元」為主;但綜高課程內容仍以高中或高職為標準,急需建構綜高專門升學管道,發展綜高課程特色與內涵;而在分流輔導方面,普遍都能給予適性輔導,但仍有少數學生未能選擇所要的學程,建議建構社區資源中心,解決少數特有的需求;而分流之後選課制度仍以全班一起選修為主,而非歐美的「跑班選修制度」,建議以折衷選修代替現行制度;而在師資設備方面則尚能符合學生需求,惟純高中轉型為綜高所需變動較大,建議推動高中職社區化因應;為解決目前綜高亂象,建議設置綜高專門升學管道,導正綜高教學正軌。
High school integrating with local community is based on the criteria of Comprehensive High Schools (CHS) and develop the system which fits for the community. The study explored the factors which affect CHS as the important reference to be high school integrating with local community. The Comprehensive High School (CHS) had been officially subsumed in the education system since the Senior High School Law had been amended in 1998. It has become a tripartite prospect with general high school and vocational high school till now. Moreover, it has been announced clearly in 2001,” to drive this system which is based on Comprehensive High School”. It shows the development of Comprehensive High School has huge influence toward future. The research methods adopt questionnaire survey and interviews to discover the implementation factors and problems under Comprehensive High Schools, and then the researcher brings up the strategies. The findings were listed as follows. The objective of CHS is the adaptive development for students and it has been approved. The reasons students choose to study in CHS is mainly because of its multiple entrance. However, CHS curriculum content utilizes senior high school and vocational high school as the standard. It urgently needs to construct the channel to advance the further education for CHS to develop its characteristics and essence. On the aspect of counseling, it generally gives appropriate counseling. However, few students are still unable to choose the curriculum they want. Therefore, the researcher suggests constructing the community resource center to satisfy the majorities’ special needs. After the counseling, the credit system still utilizes that whole class have the optional course together, instead of electives courses. The researcher suggests utilizing compromise optional course replace the current system. The teacher and facilities are qualified to satisfy students’ needs. Nevertheless, it makes big movement for general high scho
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