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Title: 職業類科教師對教學行為及學生學習表現之知覺
Other Titles: Vocational Subject Teachers’ Perception of Teaching Behaviors and Students’ Learning Achievements
Authors: 曾淑惠
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 長久以來,國內外有關教師有效教學的研究,極少關切職業類科教學的問題與特色,然職業類科教師卻占有高級中等學校教師數相當大的比例,同時許多國內學者的研究亦指出,教師教學效能自我評估與學生評鑑教師的結果具有一致性,因之本研究旨在依據職業類科教學優良教師知覺之教學行為表現,歸納有效教學行為的組成要素,並比較職業類科教學優良與一般教師對其自身教學行為與學生學習表現的差異,最後分析職業類科教學優良教師知覺的教學行為與學生表現之相關。為達研究目的本研究採文獻分析與問卷調查法,於彙整教師有效教學行為及學生應有學習表現之項目後編製成問卷初稿,經信效度檢驗後寄發88校共1,550份問卷,回收79校共1,171份有效問卷,其中687位屬本研究界定之教學優良教師。經描述性統計、因素分析、單因子變異數分析、及典型相關分析後,獲致的重要結論有:一、職業類科教師的有效學行為可分為「教學前準備」、「實務教學與環境經營」、「學習引導」及「教學管理與評量回饋」四因素。三、職業類科優良教師對自我教學行為與學生學習表現間的知覺具有相關。
There've been many researches about teacher's effective teaching but in the problems and characters of teaching in vocational subject. However, there are lots senior high school teachers who teach vocational subjects. At the same time, many scholars in our country mentioned that the result of teacher's self assessment about teaching efficacy and student ratings of teachers are the same. Therefore, the purposes of this study are to generalize the elements of effective teaching behavior according to the perceptions of vocational subject effective teachers' teaching behaviors, to compare the differences teaching behaviors and learning achievements between vocational subject effective teachers and normal teachers, and to analyze the relation between the perceptible teaching behaviors of vocational subject effective teachers and students' learning achievements. Literature Review and Questionnaire Survey were used in order to confirm the items of teachers' effective teaching behaviors and students' learning achievements, then 1550 questionnaires were delivered to 88 schools after the confirmation of reliability and validity. At last, 1171 questionnaires form 79 schools were returned, and 687 questionnaires were identified as effective teachers in this study. Primary data analyses were conducted using descriptive statistics analysis, exploratory factor analysis, one-way ANOVA, and canonical correlation analysis. The conclusion of this research are as the follows: (1) vocational subject teachers' effective teaching behaviors can be divided into four dimensions which are teaching preparation, practical teaching and environmental management, learning guidance, and teaching management and evaluation feedback; (2) the effective teachers' perceptions of effective teaching behaviors and students' learning achievements are much better than normal teachers; (3) there are relations between effective teaching behaviors and students’ learning achievements from the perceptions of the e
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