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Title: 互動式歷程檔案對不同學習風格學生學習動機影響之研究
Other Titles: The Research on Identifying the Relations between the Learning Styles and Learning Motivation in the Interactive Learning Portfolio Environment
Authors: 林凱胤
Issue Date: Aug-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在報導不同學習風格學生在互動式歷程檔案環境中其學習動機變化之探究。研究對象為修習計算機概論的專科一年級學生49 人,進行為期八週的實驗教學。研究方法主要以學習風格量表來定義學生的學習風格類型,以學習動機量表暸解其學習動機,希望能找出不同學習風格與學習動機間之關聯,以為研究與教學之參考。研究結果發現:1.不同學習風格的學生在互動式歷程檔案環境中的發表與迴響篇數均有顯著差異; 2. 學生在學習動機各向度上均有提昇,且都呈現顯著差異,表示互動式學習歷程檔案的學習策略確實能提高學生的學習動機; 3. 不同學習風格的學生間無論是在前測或後測,其學習動機並無差異性存在; 4. 四類學習風格的學生在自我效能(SE)、主動學習策略(ALS)、學習價值(SLV) 三個向度均達到顯著水準,而學習風格為適應者( Accommodator )的學生在六個向度前後測統計結果則均呈現顯著差異;5. 學習風格為適應者與同化者的學生對互動式歷程檔案的使用有較高的認同。
The purpose of this research tried to investigate the relationship between students' learning motivation and learning styles in the interactive learning portfolio environment. Forty-nine junior college students were invited to participate in this project for eight weeks. The tools used to quantify the research data samples are the "Kolb Learning Styles Inventory" and the "Learning Motivation Scale ".The data was analyzed by means of descriptive analysis, t-test ANOVA and one-way ANOVA. The major findings were as follows:.1. Learning styles significantly influenced frequency of student' reflective notes and frequency of reciprocal feedbacks.2. Learning approach significantly influenced students' learning motivation.3. There was no significant difference among the students with different learning styles in both pre and post test scores.4. Students increased their post test scores significant in self efficacy, active learning strategy, learning value scales.5. The accommodator and assimilator learning style students claimed that they derive support and benefits from Blog.
Other Identifiers: 7720EE12-D9CF-F28F-6226-B76C678A5D90
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