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Title: 概念構圖應用於高職電子學教學成效與評量之探討-以雙極性接面電晶體單元課程為例之教學研究
Other Titles: The Research on Concept Mapping Used in Vocational Electronics Teaching Effectiveness and Assessment - An Example of Bipolar Junction Transistor Modules
Authors: 鄭博文
Po-Wen Jeng
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 高職教育之教學目標向來以技能為主,而目前高職課程所使用的教學方法,多半著重在機械式操作的培養與動作技能熟練學習的教學概述,在認知發展教學模式的導引卻是甚少應用。本研究目的係應用概念構圖融入於高職電子科專業科目教學,主要研究項目如下:(一)探討概念構圖融入高職電子學雙極性接面電晶體課程之學習成效(二)探討概念構圖做為高職電子學雙極性接面電晶體課程之教學評量。研究者以 60 位高職高二學生分成兩組,利用概念構圖教學與傳統式教學實徵研究,分別以 t 檢定、單因子共變數分析、皮爾森(Pearson)相關統檢定,研究結果發現:(一)學生接受概念構圖教學後,在學習成效有顯著的提效果(二)應用概念構圖亦可做為教學評量可行之方法。
One of the main teaching goals of vocational education has always been a skill-based orientation. Over half of the teaching methods of vocational focus on the overview concepts and the skill teaching of the mechanical operation and training. However it is even less applied on the guidance of the teaching model of cognitive development. The purpose of this study application is about the concept mapping into specialized subject teaching in Electronic Division for the vocation high schools. The main research project contents are as follows: (a) to explore the learning effects of composition concepts into the vocational electronics bipolar junction transistors (b) To explore the teaching assessment of the concept mapping as a higher vocational e-learning vocational teaching of the bipolar junction transistor. The research participants, 60 Vocational High School students, are divided into two groups respectively by the concept mapping teaching group and traditional teaching of empirical research group. The statistical methods are t-test, ANOVA test and Pearson testing. The research results showed that: (a) There are significantly enhancing effects by the students accepting the concept mapping teaching. (b) The application of concept mapping can be feasible as a teaching evaluation.
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