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Title: 技職校院幼保系學生職業選擇因素模式之研究
Other Titles: A Model on Factors of Occupation Selection for Students of Department of Child Care in Colleges of Science and Technology
Authors: 張慧慈
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在探討技職校院幼保系學生職業選擇因素模式,採調查研究法。利用分層隨機抽樣取得1,001名幼保系學生為樣本進行研究施測,並針對樣本在「人格類型」量尺、「工作價值觀」量尺及「職業選擇」量尺之反應資料,採取描述性統計、Pearson積差相關及結構方程模式等統計方法進行資料分析工作,本研究結果如下:一、幼保系學生的人格類型中以「社會型」得分最高,其次是「藝術型」、「探究型」及「企業型」,得分最低者為「傳統型」。二、幼保系學生的工作價值觀以「職業認同」得分最高,其次是「自我成長」,得分最低則為「工作成就」。三、幼保系學生的職業選擇中以「社會認知」得分最高其次是「資訊處理」及「生涯動機」,得分最低則為「自我認知」。四、技職校院幼保系學生的「人格類型」、「工作價值觀」及「職業選擇」具有重要關聯性。五、技職校院幼保系學生的「人格類型」對「工作價值觀」、「人格類型」對「職業選擇」及「工作價值觀」對「職業選擇」具有直接效果。六、技職校院幼保系學生「人格類型」、「工作價值觀」對「職業選擇」的影響模式與實證資料具有適配性。
The purpose of this study was to explore the occupation selection and the model of factors for students of department of child care in colleges of science and technology. A questionnaire survey was adopted in the study. The researcher used stratified random sampling. The total number of samples was 1001 students who studied the department of child care in colleges of science and technology. According to the information the researcher got from “Personality type scale,” "Work value scale," and "Occupation selection scale," descriptive statistic, Pearson correlation, t-test, and structural equation modeling were adopted to conduct statistic analysis. The important conclusions as follows,1. Among the score of students' personality types, "Social type" was the highest, and "Conventional type" was the lowest.2. Among the score of students' work values, "Professional identification" was the highest, and "Job achievement" was the lowest.3. Among the score of students' occupation selection, "Social cognition" was the highest, and "Self-cognition" was the lowest.4. The trio of personality types, work values, and occupation selection were closely related with one another.5.Students' personality types could influence their work values. Students' personality types could influence their occupation selection. Students' work values could influence their occupation selection.6.Students' personality types and work values could fit their occupation selection.
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