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Title: 中區技專校院教師對教學視導模式與運作機制看法之調查研究
Other Titles: A Survey Study of the Teachers’ View of Instructional Supervision and Operation Mechanism in Technology Universities of Taiwan Middle Area
Authors: 曾素秋
Su-Chiu Tseng
Yih-Chaung Chen
Wei-Kuo Wang
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以自編之「中區技專校院教學視導模式與運作機制調查問卷」為工具,瞭解中區技專校院教師對教學視導模式與運作機制之看法,並作現況討論與分析。研究對象包含台灣中區技專校院共22所學校,計450位教師(有效樣本)。研究結果發現,教師對教學視導各種模式認同度高低排序,依序為「自我視導」、「發展性視導」、「同儕視導」、「系所本位視導」、「發展性教學輔導」,最後為「臨床視導」。另教師對教視導運作機制之各層面認為之重要程度,依序為「行政配套措施」、「研習訓練」、「視導人員條件」、「教師教學視導信念」、「系所中心領導角色」,最後為「教學資源中心領導角色」。「是否兼任主管」以及「任職學校類別」是影響教師對教學視導模式認同度之背景變項。「任職學校類別」是影響教師對教學視導運作機制重視程度之背景變項。教學視導運作機制各層面對教學視導模式展各層面,具有相當解釋力。對「自我視導」最具預測力者為「視導人員條件」;對「臨床視導」最具預測力者為「教學中心領導角色」;對「同儕視導」最具預測力者為「系所中心領導角色」;對「發展性視導」最具預測力者為「視導人員條件」;對「發展性教學輔導」最具預測力者為「系所中心領導角色」;對「系所本位視導」最具預測力者為「系所中心領導角色」。
In this paper, the sample survey is used to understand technology universities teachers' perception of instructional supervision in middle area of Taiwan. the researcher establishes 'the questionnaire of instructional supervision model and operation mechanism' to understand the teachers' view. Twenty-two technology universities in the middle area of Taiwan are included as the study objects, 450 teachers totally (effective samples).The results of this study show: 1.The perception of instructional supervision in sequence is "self-assessment supervision", "development supervision", "peer supervision", "department-based supervision", "the system of development teaching guidance", and "clinical supervision". 2.The importance degree of operation mechanism is "administrative support measures", "study training", "conditions of "supervision staff," teacher's supervision beliefs", "the leadership role of the department and" the leadership role of the teaching center" in sequence. 3. The background variables which affect the perception of instructional supervision include 'Serving the post of manager or not' and 'working school category'.4. The background variable which affects the agreement of operation mechanism is 'working school category'.5. The each section of instructional supervision could be predicted by the each section of operation mechanism.
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