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Title: 醫務管理相關學系學生之工作職志及其影響因素
Other Titles: The Occupational Commitment and its Influencing Factors among Healthcare Administration Majors
Authors: 吳雅玲
Ya-Ling Wu
You-Chiuan Liu
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要目的為探究醫務管理相關學系學生之工作職志、就學歸因、職業認知與就業力現況,及就學歸因、職業認知、就業力各層面對工作職志之預測力。本研究以南部一般大學及科技大學四年制日間部醫務管理相關學系學生為研究母群體,以分層隨機叢集抽樣法選取 28 個醫務管理相關學系班級學生進行問卷調查。共回收有效問卷 1019 份,且以描述性統計、單一樣本 t 考驗、相依樣本變異數分析、相關分析與多元逐步迴歸等方法進行資料分析。研究結果如下: 一、醫務管理相關學系學生對於未來從事醫務管理工作持略為正向之工作職志,但其中之工作留任意願較低。學生當初選讀此學系之主要考量為個人因素。再者,學生對於醫務管理工作之整體職業認知仍十分缺乏,其中對此領域之工作福利的認識更是不足。另外,學生自認具備略為充足之醫務管理工作就業力,其中以專業知能之就業力最為具備,而最缺乏的則是職涯規畫層面的知能。 二、醫務管理相關學系學生之就學歸因、職業認知與就業力的部分層面對於其工作職志有顯著預測力。其中,個人因素之就學歸因是預測工作職志之工作認同與工作投入二層面的最關鍵因素;而工作福利層面之職業認知是預測工作職志之工作留任層面的最重要因素。
This study aims to examine healthcare administration (HA) majors’ occupational commitment, attributions for studying, occupational awareness, and employability, as well as the effects of the latter three variables on the occupational commitment. Data were collected from a questionnaire survey of 1019 HA majors. The findings indicate that the HA majors tended to predominately attribute their studying in HA to personal factors, had limited occupational awareness about HA professions, and demonstrated moderately strong occupational commitment to HA professions. Additionally, some elements of attributions for studying, occupational awareness, and employability among the HA majors were the significantly powerful predictors of their occupational commitment.
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