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Title: 從托克維爾「美國的民主」一書的思想看宗教與公民德性的關係
Other Titles: The Relation between Religion and Civic Virtues--From Tocqueville's Thought on "Democracy in America"
Authors: 徐敏雄
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 在托克維爾「美國的民主」論述中,基督宗教的信徒為美國帶來自由和平等的價值。這些宗教上的價值之所以能夠與自由的政治哲學攜手並進,促使美國成為一個民主最發達的國家,主要的原因就在於政教分離的政策以及基督教和自由哲學有相當程度的融合。此外,在宗教以及「正確理解的自利原則」影響下,美國人民得以將對物質生活的享樂與自由的熱愛和對公共事務的關心相結合,進而以各種組織團體的形式參與公共事務。美國的民主風氣盛行,很重要的原因就是在於蓬勃的民間結社活動。從托氏的思想來看當代社會,多元發展和個人(或個體)色彩的強調應該不是當代社會混亂的根本因素,重要的應該是去思考如何在多元中去建立一套共享的機制與價值,使個別性能與整體利益相結合。
According to Tocqueville's discourse on “Democracy in America”, Christian bring the values of freedom and equality to America. What causes the religious values and political philosophy cooperate to advance at the same time, and make America become the best democratic country, is the policy of separating religion from politics. Furthermore, in the affections of religion and the “principle of self-interest rightly understood”, American combine the material enjoyment and the loving of freedom with the concern about public affairs, and then, they organize to participate in public affairs. Investigating contemporary society from Tocqueville's thought, what make the society out of frame are not the belief of pluralism and individualism, but lacking a social contract and value, like religion, than can link up the individual interests with the whole.
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