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Title: 實施休閒教育影響國中學生自我效能感之研究
Other Titles: The Effects of Leisure Education on the Self-Efficacy Awareness of Junior High School Students
Authors: 江玉卉
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討實施休閒教育對增進國中學生自我效能感之影響效果,其中自我效能包含:社會性自我效能、自我調整效能以及解決問題效能,並根據研究結果提出具體建議,以供實施休閒教育活動和未來相關研究之參考。 本研究採實驗組控制組前後測之實驗設計,以臺北市國中一年級學生為研究對象,其中實驗組同學接受休閒教育活動課程的實施,而控制組則不予以任何實驗活動處理。 本研究使用的工具為研究者參考一般性自我效能量表及多向度自我效能量表後所修訂的國中生自我麥能量表,並輔以團體經驗回饋表、整體活動?饋表及實驗後進行訪談。實驗所得資料以多變項變異數分析和描述統計等方法進行各項檢定,並輔以教室觀察及開放性訪談問題作為解析實驗效果之資料。 研究結果發現如下: 一、在總量表的得分上,實驗組前後測得分進步情高於控制組,達到顯著效果;亦即實施休閒教育會提昇國中學生自我效能感。二、在社會性自我效能分量表部分,實驗組前後測得分進步情形高於控制組,達到顯著效果;亦即實施休閒教育會提昇國中學生社會性自我效能感。三、在自我調整效能分量表部分,實驗組前後測得分進步情形與控制組並未達顯著差異;亦即實施休閒教育並不會提昇國中學生自我調整效能感。四、在解決問題效能分量表部分,實驗組前後測得分進步情形高於控制組,達到顯著效果;亦即實施休閒教育會提昇國中學生解決問題效能感。 根據研究結果,本研究針對實施休閒教育方案、在學校中增進自我效能感的作法以及後續研究等三部分提出相關建議,以作為未來相關研究之參考。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of leisure education on self-efficacy awareness of junior high school students, including social self-efficacy, self-regulatory efficacy and problem-solving efficacy. The study utilized pretest-posttest quasi-experimental design, and the subjects selected from junior high school in Taipei city were divided into two groups. The experimental group received a ten-weeks leisure education program, while the control group did not take any treatment at all. The study employed ‘Self-efficacy for Junior High School Students’, which was revised by researcher, to conduct pretest and posttest, in addition to qualitative approach, this study also applied interview, class observation, journal analysis to collect qualitative data. The major findings included: 1.The experimental group showed significantly positive effect on the self-efficacy awareness. 2.The experimental group showed significantly positive effect on the social self-efficacy. 3.The experimental group showed no significantly positive effect on the self-regulatory efficacy. 4.The experimental group showed significantly positive effect on the problem-solving efficacy.Finally, according to the findings, some of suggestions were discussed in order to help students improve self-efficacy awareness and form further researches.
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