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Title: 科學哲學及其與社會科學研究的關聯
Other Titles: The Philosophy of Science and Its Relevance for the Social Science
Authors: 沈六
Issue Date: Jan-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 有些研究者通常會質疑為何要求他們必須理解社會科學哲學 (philosophy of social science) 文獻的必要性與重要性。他們會認為他們需要的是在獲得研究的技術,以他們蒐集、處理與分析資料,而非研究哲學上爭論性的問題,那些通常會被認為是邊緣的,甚至是浪費他們時間的。依據此種詮釋,社會科學研究的技術就如同駕駛飛機或輪船的技術一樣,應該學習,以至於能應用。但是,此一觀點所以沒有被認同,乃因哲學提出對人性(human nature)與社會被概念化的假定(assumption),不論所蒐集的資料的本質,以及分析、詮釋和理解資料所使用方法的有效性,這些都與社會科學哲學文獻所研究的爭論性問題直接有關聯。正如Hughes (1993:11) 所言: 研究工具和方法不能脫離理論;研究工具的運作唯有在哲學所提出的有關社會實體的本質、人性之本質兩者間的關係,以及它們不能被探知的方法的假定之內,始有意義與價值。 若要了解社會哲學方法論所討論的問題,就必須參照廣大文化情境所討論的問題;而且社會科學對社會世界(social world)所提出的分析能力就沒有像自然科學(natural science)對自然世界(natural world)那樣的成功,這也是值得辯論的問題。所以,不足為奇的,已有大量的能力投注於自然與社會科學方法論的比較研究。
Some researchers often question why they are required to have an understanding of the philosophy of social sciences literature as part of their research training. Their trainings are often associated with the acquisition of research skills that will help them collect, process and analyze data, and not to study philosophy issues which are often as marginal and rather a waste of time. According to this interpretation, social science research skills should be acquired and then applied as through they were the skills of a craft. What this view fails to acknowledge is that philosophical assumption about human nature and how society is conceptualized are directly related to issues social sciences research, whether that be the nature and status of data that is collected and the validity of the methods by which data is anlayzed, interpreted and understood. This article searches for the philosophy of science literature and explore its relevance for the social sciences.
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