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Title: 一個實現公共性的社會機制
Other Titles: A Social Mechanism for Fulfilling the Publicness: On Habermas's Civil Society
Authors: 陳素秋
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 在公民社會議題的相關討論上,哈伯馬斯對於公民社會的討論為常被引用的重要論述資源。本文指出,哈伯馬斯對於公民社會之討論的論述架構乃出自於對於社會生活中實現公共性的關注。哈伯馬斯提出了一系統與生活世界的二元分析架構來分析當代社會生活,並指出現代社會的趨勢為系統的力量侵入了生活世界而造成意義的流失與社會連帶的式微。因此,面對此一系統殖民的世界,公共性的實現將有賴於透過溝通行動而實現,而公民社會便是當代民主政治中,展現溝通行動並實現公共性的重要基礎。
Habermas' writings are an oft-cited theoretical resource for debates about civil society. This paper suggests that Habermas's discourse on civil society is embedded in his concern of the fulfillment of publicness in social life. Habermas provides a dualistic perspective of system and lifeworld to examine the social life in modern society, contending that there is an ongoing process of the colonization of the lifeworld by the system. Confronting the process of colonization, the fulfillment of publicness therefore depends on the communicative action anchored in the civil society of modern democracy.
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