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Title: 當家政遇上食育
Other Titles: Food Education in Home Economics Curriculum
Authors: 曾慶玲
Ching-Ling Tseng
Hsiu-Ching Li
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 近年全球性的肥胖及相關疾病人數增加、糧食危機等飲食狀況,讓各國紛紛關注飲食議題。各國從糧食安全政策、農業政策、健康飲食指南以及飲食消費選擇等面向關注飲食,也致力於從學校教育推動飲食教育。飲食,一直是家政教育重要的教學內涵。家政教育的目標,在增進學生家庭生活能力,以提升生活品質。飲食是生活中最重要的部分,不論是烹飪、健康飲食、飲食文化、綠色飲食都是重要的家政教學內容。本文探討日本、英國、瑞典、義大利、美國的飲食教育概況,綜合整理出家政教學實施食育的重要概念:「家庭共食與烹飪學習」、「低碳飲食與環境保護」、「健康飲食與飲食問題」、「糧食在統與食物主權」四個面向。並且以臺北市立建國中學與國立內權高中的家政教學為例,說明在家政教學中如何推動食育,最後提出以家政推動食育的建議。
In recent years, global increase in the number of obesity and related diseases, such as food crisis situation, so that countries have concerns dietary issues. Most of them focus on the foodsecurity policy, agricultural policy, dietary guidelines, and concern for food consumption, is also committed to promoting food education at school. Diet, has been an important content of home economics education. Goals of home economics education are to enhance students' ability of family life in order to improve quality of life. Diet is the most important part of life, whether it is cooking, healthy diet, food culture, green eating are important teaching contents. This article explores Japan, Britain, Sweden, Italy, the United States food education profiles. And consolidate the key concepts of the implementation of food education in home economics curriculum: including families sharing meals and cooking, low carbon diet and environmental protection, healthy diet and eating problems, food systems and food sovereignty four dimensions. And Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and National Neili High School home economics teaching, for example, illustrate how to promote Home Economics teaching food education in high school, and finally propose to promote Home Economics food education proposals.
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