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Title: 語文能力與讀寫互動關係
Other Titles: Language Ability and Interaction between Reading and Writing
Authors: 陳滿銘
Man-Ming Chen
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 讀與寫雖看似兩回事,卻都以「意象」為內容,而且就基本之「語文能力」來說,又是彼此相應、互動的。因為「寫」主要是藉先天「直觀」的語文能力以表現意象,屬順向過程;而「讀」主要是藉後天「模式」探索所確定的語文能力來把握意象,屬逆向過程。因此「續」與「寫」是靠「語文能力」作順,逆向之照應,以呈現「意象」,而產生互動的。
Reading and writing are different language abilities that are both based on concept and fonn to fonn image in a corresponding and interactive relation. Writing, in a compliant sequence, exercises the inherent “intuition" to create concept and fonn. Reading, in a reverse sequence, employs the acquired “model searching" to assure the meaning of concept and fonn. Therefore, reading and writing are interactive by means of language ability in a compliant/reverse sequence to present "Image".
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