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Title: 北市士林區高中學生每日五蔬果教育介入成效研究
Other Titles: Application ofTranstheoretical Model to 5-aday
Authors: 兵逸儂
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究皆在探討以跨理論模式為依據之「每日五蔬果教育介入」成效以及過程評價。本研究採用「準實驗設計」,以台北市陽明高中一年級學生為實驗組、明倫高中為對照組。實驗組運用行為改變過程設計符合各行為改變階段的每日五蔬果教育介入措施,包括每日五蔬果專題演講、創意蔬果烹調比賽、每日五蔬果手冊等,對照組則不採用任何介入措施。研究結果發現以跨理論模式為基礎的「每日五蔬果教育介入」對於研究對象的「每日五蔬果知識」、「每日五蔬果自覺障礙」、「每日五蔬果自我效能」等方面達顯著效果,但對於「每日五蔬果自覺利益」、「一週達到每日五蔬果夫數」的效果不顯著。整體而言,透過以跨理論模式為依據之「每日五蔬果教育介入」,可以有效提升高中學生每日五蔬果的相關知能,建議未來能探討不同生活型態及地區之高中職學生,並將此策略進一步推廣至其他學校中。
The purpose of this study is to explore the effect and process evaluation of “ 5-aday education intervention based on transtheoretical model".This study adopts “ quasi-experiment design" using first-grade students of Yangming Senior High School as experiment group and Minglun Senior High Schoolas control group. In the experiment group, we use processes of change meeting stageof change to design 5-a-day speech, creativity vege-fruit cooking contest and 5-a-daymanual; while in the control group there are no interventions.In the study results, we find: “ 5-a-day education Intervention" based on transtheoretical model reaches significant effect towards study subjects' “5-a-day knowledge",“5-a-day perceived barriers", and 5-a-day self-efficacy", while the effectis not significant toward enhancing “5-a-day perceived benefits" and “the number of days in a week reaching 5-a-day Generally speaking, through “ 5 a-day education intervention based on transtheoretical model", we can effectively upgrade senior high school students' related knowledge about 5-a-day. We suggest that, in the future, we can explore senior high(vocational) school students in different life styles and regions as well as go further topromote this strategy to the other schools.
Other Identifiers: BE39F2EC-446B-25A7-0376-29A734283B43
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