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Title: 新竹地區高中職學生校園霸凌之受凌經驗及其相關因素研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Victim's Experience of School Bullying and Its Relevant Factors toward the Senior High School and Vocational High School Students in Hsinchu County
Authors: 顏秀娟
Hsiu-Chuan Yen
Cheng-Yu Chen
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究主要在探討新竹縣高中職學生校園霸凌之受凌經驗及其相關因素。採自編式結構問卷進行,以新竹縣100學年度八所高中職之學生為研究母群,經機率比率集束抽樣的方式抽得有效樣本392人。結果發現:受凌型式以言語辱罵、亂取綽號等戲謔性傷害最嚴重,以手機傳送不雅照片或辱罵言語者最少。男生、神經質性人格特質者受凌經驗較多、學業成績越高者、對學校獎懲、師生關係、同儕關係越正向者受凌經驗越少。本研究架構中的背景變項、個人因素、學校生活可以有效預測其受凌經驗,共可解釋總變異量的20.3%,其中以性別、神經質性人格特質、外向性人格特質、學校獎懲、同儕關係為主要預測變項,並以學校獎懲的預測力最大。
This study aimed to explore the victim's experience and its related factors or Senior high and vocational high school students in Hsinchu County. 392 valid samples or people were obtained from the population or eight high and vocational high schools in 2012 via the designed questionnaires by using the probability proportionate-to-size sampling method.The results show that verbal abuse, taking nickname etc such teasing injuries are mostly serious and sending indecent photographs or abusive words via mobile phones is the least. Boys, neurotic personality traits arc more experiencing bully: comparatively, students with higher school rewards, more positive altitude of the punishments, teacher-student and peer relationships arc less experiencing. The background variables, personal factors, school lire experience in the framework or this study may effectively predict the bully experiences with accounted 20.3% of the total variance where sex, neurotic personality, extraversion personality traits, school rewards and punishments, peers relationship are the principal predicting factors, especially, the reward s and punishments in schools.
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