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Title: 臺北市國民小學教師輔導專業知能滿意度與角色認知及人格特質之研究
Other Titles: The Study in the Pleasure Condition of Guiding Professional Intellect & Role Perception and Personalities of Teachers in Taipei Elementary Schools
Authors: 施柏生
Issue Date: Jun-1985
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 輔導(Guidance)是現代教育學術上一種新理論與新方法,它誕生時間雖短,但發展迅速而普受重視,尤其由於晚近心理學、社會學、心理衛生學、教育學等學科的快速進歩,使得「輔導」運用這些學科知識予以統合,建立了輔導的 原則、原理與方法,成為今日學校的重要工作。本研究之主要目的有六項:一、瞭解台北市國小輔導教師的性別、年齡、任教年資及專業教育背景的分布情形。二、瞭解台北市不同教育背景或不同職務的國小教師,對於自身所具的輔導專業知能的滿意程度有何差異。三、瞭解台北市不同職務的國小教師在輔導工作上的角色認知有何差異。四、瞭解台北市國小輔導人員對本身。五、瞭解教師人格特質與其對輔導工作的角色認知之間關係。六、歸納研究結果,提供教育行政機構作為規劃師專課程,設計在職訓練計劃,或選擇適當的輔導人員之參考。
Guidance is one sort of new theory and method in modern Education. After World War II, the school educational are successively improved the task in each country and get significant efficiency. The elementary schools in our country begin implement the guidance activities in 67 years school calendar. Due to the workers of developing guidance activities ─ the guidance professional intellect of teachers, the role of self─perception and personalities drastically affect the guiding activities. To the beginning of the task elementary schools, it should be understood & explored, moreover according to be the improved suggestions.The methods used in this study were questionnaire survey and testing. Use layer collection random sampling, sampling 1010 persons as study. 1. Guiding professional intellect:1. There are distinctly difference among the teachers of Taipei elementary schools. The guidance members are mostly graduated from Normal School and just take a short─term guiding research. 2. Guidance members and general teachers are unpleased with the teaching methods of special education and the usage of test guiding intellect of interpretations. 3. The general teachers feel short of the intellect in device & develop guiding task program and gurde counseling technique than guidance members. II. Difference in role perception:1. Guidance members and general teachers consider the vital responsibilities atmosphere and school atmosphere and develop students' potentialities;but others think statistical testing and writing report, special educational tasks and participate in school administrative planning are not the guiding teachers vital responsibilities.2. The great difference exist in general teachers and guidance members' role perception are guiding theory, life guiding and special education and understanding children and learning guidance. III. The difference between the pleasure condition of guiding intellect and role perception:1. The great difference of guidance members in p
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