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Title: 國民中學組織環境對於教師角色壓力的影響
Other Titles: The Influences of Organizational Environment of the Junior High School on the Teachers' Role Stress
Authors: 王秋絨
Issue Date: Jun-1982
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 根據蓋哲爾(J. W. Getzels et al.)等人的觀點,學校組織為一社會體系,是由組織中的制度規範與個人需要交互作用而成。由於其間的交互作用,使學校結織不僅存在著正式結構,同時形成非正式結構。正式結構是由正式權威結構與行政程序所形成;非正式結構則由學校成員的社會關係所形成。在正式結構中,最明顯的現象是科層體制的發展。科層體制的結構包括專門化(specialization)、標準化(standarization)、正式化(formatlization)、集中化(centralization)、保守化(traditionalism)等層面,其運行代表組織的規範與期望,對成員的角色表現具有影響作用(註一)。在非正式結構中,對個人具有影響作用者,係來自角色背景中的重要影響人物,如校長、同時等之影響力。本研究根據這種觀點,探究教師角色如何受學校組織的正式結構與非正式結構之影響,以了解教師在表現學校角色時所感受的角色壓力程度。故本研究定名為「國民中學組織環境對於教師角色壓力的影響」。其中涉及幾項名詞,茲先提出其定義。
In terms of professional socialization, this study proposes to explore the influences of organizational environment of the Junior High School jupon the teaches' role stress. Analytically the following related problems are investigated:(1)How far does teachers' personal background influence their role ambiguity, role overload, role conflict?(2)How far do the five structural dimensions of the school organization and the staff relationship in school influence teachers' role(3)How well can the teachers' role stress be predicted from the five structural dimensions of school organization and the staff relationship in school?In order to investigate into the above─mentioned problems the related studies are scrutinized as the theoretical framework for developing the survey instrument, “Questionnaire of Teaching Circumstances in Junior High School”, The questionnaire is administered to 640 public junior high school teachers selected inline with the stratified cluster random sampling to secure the following information:(1)the organization characteristics in the dimensions of specialization, standardization, the organization characteristics in the dimensions of specialization, standardization, formalization, centralization and traditionalism;(2)the perceived relationship of teacher vs. principal, teacher vs. administrator and teacher vs. teacher;(3)the degree of the role stress indicated by the samples in the three dimensions:role ambiguity role overload, role conflict. The obtained data are statistically treated by one─way ANOVA, two─way ANOVA and step─wise multiple regression analysis. The results of the investigation are summarized as follows:1. The degree of teachers' role stress varies significantly with their teaching course and their position in the school:teachers of social studies have greater role ambiguity and role stress than those of the courses in arts, physical education and home economic etc. Teachers of social studies perceive more role overload than those of l
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