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Title: 國中教師教導方式及學生內外控信念與學生生活適應之關係
Other Titles: The Relationship Between Teachers Leadership and Student Internal-External Locus of Control as It Affects Students' Life Adjustment in Junior High School
Authors: 莊慧珍
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 教師是學生心目中的重要人物,是學生認同的楷模,經由教導和助長功能力發揮,教師對學生產生多方方面的影響。本研究旨在探討國中學生所知覺的教師教導方式對其生活適應的影響,並分析此種影響是否因學生的內外控信念之不同而異。研究對象係取自台北市五所國民中學二年級學生,共三百八十四名,其中男生一百九十九名,女生一百八十五名。研究工具包括「I.E量表」、「少年人格測驗」和「教師教導方式問卷」,藉此等研究工具可得到每位受試者的內外控傾向、生活適應和在權威、關懷兩個層面的得分之資料。本研究調查與測驗所得資料以下列四種方法進行統計處理。
Teachers are role models for students. They exert significant influence on them. The main purposes of this study are (1)to examine whether students’ life adjustment is affected by their perceptions of their teachers’ leadership and (2)to analyze the various influences on the students’ internal ─ external locus of control. Three hundred and eighty─four eighth grade students, who come from five junior high schools respectively in the Taipei City, were selected as subjects. For assessing the adjustment scores, a Chinese revision of the California Test of personality was administered, as well as the Internal─External Scale and Teacher Instructional Leadership Questionnaire. The obtained data were statistically analyzed by two─factor analysis of variance(ANOVA)and stepwise multiple regression analysis. The results of this study are as follows:(1)The two main factors affecting students’ life adjustment are the teachers’ leadership and their own internal─external locus of control. Both boy and girl students are influenced by both the instructional type and internal─external locus of control, except for two items named ‘sense of personal freedom” and “social standards”.(2)Internal─external locus of control students adjust way differently to different teachers. As a while view, under “low authority─high consideration” instructional leadership, students of internal locus of control make the best life adjustments. On the other kind, students of external locus of control adjust best to “high authority─high consideration” instructional leadership.(3)There was a negative relationship between students’ life adjustment under teachers’ “authority” instructional leadership and their external locus of control, but there was a positive relationship between teachers’“consideration” instructional leadership and students’ internal locus of control.(4)Combining teachers’“authority” and “consideration” instructional leadership with students’ internal─external locus of control could explain
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