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Title: 國民中學教育對社區發展之調適與革新
Other Titles: The Adjustment and Renovation of Public Junior Middle Schools in Process of Community Development
Authors: 蕭增塘
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國民中學在社區發展過程中應有的調適與革新。研究目的有四:(一)析論國民中學教育之社區發展功能,(二)探討社區發展對國中教育之影響,(三)析論國民中學教育對社區發展之調適與革新,(四)探討國中校長、教師在社區發展過程中之角色。文獻探討資料除蒐集中、英、日文教育名著予以研究批判外,盡量提出筆者個人之觀點及解決實際問題之具體辦法,伸使理論與實際密切配合。研究方法採用問卷調查法,就文獻探討內容選擇十項主題擬問卷,實施調查,再予分析解釋,以瞭解當前國中對於各項問題之觀點與實施情形。研究結果,有關下列幾項問題,在觀念和實施方面較為理想:(一)運用國中資源協助社區發展問題,(二)運用社區資源協助國中教育活動之推展,(三)加強學校與社區聯繫的問題,(四)革新教材教法與教學評量的問題,(五)加強輔導工作、道德教育與生活教育等問題,(六)貫徹教育機會均等政策的措施問題,(七)加強教師進修的問題。至於下列幾項問題,則必須再溝通觀念與研究改進:(一)加強國中學生建教合作的問題,(二)推展社區基層文化活動的問題,(三)改善教育風氣的問題。
This study is made to explore the available adjustment and renovation of public junior middle schools in process of community development. The purposes set in this study are:(1)To analyze and discuss the educational function of public junior middle school in community development.(2)To explore the influence of public junior middle school education on community development. (3)To analyze and discuss the adjustment and renovation of public junior middle school education against community development.(4)To explore the roles played by the principals and teachers of public junior middle schools in process of community development. This article reflects some study and assessment on foreigners’ view illustrated in some well─known books, also reflects the writer’s personal view and concrete solutions to these problems in order to reconcile the theory with actualities. The study is made through questionnaire. That is to prepare the questionnaire with then major subjects picked out from the article contents for investigation, and then to analyze and interpret the answers so as to understand the public junior middle school’s view on these problems and their actual implementation. The result reveals that the following items pose the prospect both in concept and implementation:(1)To use the resources of public junior middle school to buttress community development.(2) To use the resources of community to support the furtherance of public junior middle school’s educational activities.(3)To enhance the linkage between the school and community.(4)To renovate teaching facilities and methods and to revise the evaluation standards on teaching activity.(5)To strengthen assistance task with morality and livelihood emphasized.(6)To achieve the policy of equal opportunity in educational through prosecution of pertaining measures.(7)To promote teachers’ advanced study. Only the following items require further reconciliation in concept and study for improvement:(1)To intensify the cooperati
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