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Title: 我國教育思想的哲學基礎(一)
Other Titles: The Philosophical Foundations of Chinese Educational Thoughts
Authors: 賈馥茗
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 記述我國最早的教育思想,而又有確切資料為佐證的,總是以儒家思想為主流,因為以儒家而為教育家代表的孔子,是久經承認、到現在仍然繼續的,這固然是無可否認的事實,但是同樣應該承認的是,在孔子的時候,已經存在了文化傳統中的哲學思想,其中的一部分,表現在孔子的教育思想裡;也可以說,形成了孔子教育思想的基礎。
Classical and orthodox educational school began from Confucius who advocated systematic theory of education and practiced it in teaching of his disciples abut 6th to 5th B.C. Before Confucius, Chinese culture had long been developed, and a philosophical foundation had been established by the predecessors. The great wisdom is first read in I─Ching. Its ideas showed in Confucius’ doctrine. In this article a few philosophical views in I─Chng are observed. It is understood that in early ancient time, people were living in a world without much knowledge about it. Yet they experienced varied natural phenomena and changes. Consequently they would raise a question of the origin of the world. For instance, what is the origin of “the first birth” and so all the things in the world?From experiences it was easy for them to observe the birth of certain animals, then, they learned that a new life was produced by a couple of two belonging to the same species. Then they concluded that birth was resulted from harmonious intercourse between two sexes. The origin of all things in the world must be two agents:one male and one female. The male was the heaven, and the female, the earth. Thus by harmony, cooperation, the heaven and the earth made great accomplishment, namely, birth. This was the Cosmology of early Chinese philosophers. As this cosmology could not explain every experienced phenomena, the wise for thinkers inquired into abstract and chose “yin” denoting the female origin instead of the earth and “yang” denoting the male instead of the heaven. The interactions of yin and yang were integrated by Tao, which was the First Principle, the Final Cause, the Great Order, and the Universal Way of the world. Later, Chien an Kun were used for yang and yin respectively to describe the natural phenomena and changes. Thus a view of ontology was established as the Chinese metaphysics. When the ancient Chinese philosophers observed the natural world, they put themselves(men)into observation
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