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Title: 國中高低成就學生師生互動關係之分析研究
Other Titles: A Study of Teacher-Student Interaction Analysis in High-Achievers and Low-Achievers of Junior High School Students
Authors: 郭榮澤
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 學校內師生之間的互動行為,是影響教育成效的最大因素之一。近年來有關師生間互動關係的研究,已成為教育研究之重點。本研究係以法蘭德斯(N.A. Flanders)的師生互動理論為基礎,探討國中高、低成就學生之師生互動關係,以做為我國國民中學教學及輔導之參考。研究對象係由台北市立龍山國民中學二年級男、女學生中,選取數學科的高成就學生一九四名,低成就學生二六二名,計五五六名;英語科高成就學生三四九名,低成就學生一九四名,計六四三名。研究工具共有四種:(一)羅桑二氏非文字智力測驗;(二)國民中學英語科成就測驗;(三)國民中學數學成就測驗;(四)師生互動量表(自編)。
One of the most effective factors for the influences of teacher ─ student behavior can be attributed to interactive function. Such research is mainly based on N.A. Flander’s theory and aim at the findings on interactive behavior between high╱low achievers and teaches. The purposes of which are to be used as references for teaching and guidance in the education of junior high schoolsl. Studied subjects, selected from eighth─grade of Taipei municipal Long─San junior high school, total 956, from which 294╱262 are high╱low achievers in mathematics, 349╱294 are high╱low achievers in English. For such research, Questionnaire and investigation are mainly adopted. Statistical methods of which include:(1)Employ Regression Analysis for the selection of high╱low achievers.(2)Apply two Percentile Test of Significant Difference to the analysis of the occurent probabilities. (3)Employ two─way ANOVA. Main findings are summarized as follows:(1)As for occurent probabilities of low achievers in both mathematics and English, boys are higher than girls and vice versa for highs achievers. For the subjects, the occurent probabilities of high╱low achievers in English are higher then those in mathematics.(2)The differentiality of interactive behavior for teachers of mathematics and English from that of high╱low achievers of boy and girl:Concerning teachers’ ‘teaching technique”, “lecturing”, “warmth”, ”encouragement”, “accepts feeling”, and “accepts ideas of pupils” etc, the perception to the behaviors of teachers of mathematics and English, high achievers of boy and girl are superior to low achievers of the same. There is no significant difference between teachers’ “authority” and ”favoritism” in mathematics, also the same for teachers’ “creative thinking” and “favoritism” in English. According to the results of above research, there are 3 main points as follows:1. Reinforce the professional knowledge of students in Normal college on the guidance for low─achievers. 2. School should put mo
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