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Title: 我國國民中學學生科學能力之分析
Other Titles: An Analysis Of The Science Ability Of Chinese Junior High School Students
Authors: 洪志生
Issue Date: Jun-1981
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 我們今日處在科學的時代,國家的興衰存亡與科學的發展有密切的關係,因而世界各莫不以發展科學為重要政策,藉著科學的研究與發展,可以帶動工業發達,經濟成長,而求社會富裕。科學的發展必須從教育紮根的工作。我國的科學觀念萌芽甚早,惜發展遲緩,近幾年來,在教育行政當局的努力下,使得中小學的科學教育重新奠下良好的基礎。為使科學能在國內生根,培養科學人才,實為首要。對於具有科學才能的國中學生,應該予以積極的培養和訓練,輔導他們成為國家所需要的人才。因此,了解國中學生的科學能力,提供適當的教養方式,並發掘具有科學才能的學生,成為教育的重要任務。本研究之主要目的有以下三項:(一)編製一份客觀而有效的科學能力測驗,做為衡量科學才能的工具,俾及早發掘科學人才。(二)根據測驗之結果,分析我國國民中學男生和女生、一年級學生和二年級學生、都市學生和鄉村學生的科學能力,並比較性別、年級和地區之間的差異情形。(三)歸納研究結果,提供教育工作者瞭解學生科學能力,從事科學教育之參考。
The main purpose of this study was to compare the science ability of Chinese junior high school students with different sexes, different grades and in different residential areas. The procedures included a review of relevant literatures and the development of a set of science ability tests. The tests which consisted of three subtests,“mathematics, physical science, and biology, were designed to measure the students' ability in natural science and to predict the probability of success in the specific subject. Item analysis of the test was conducted. Three thousand and two hundred students of grades seven and eight were sampled from 24 junior high schools in Taipei City, Kaohsiung City and Taiwan Province. These students were divided into 8 groups according to their difference in sex, grade, and residency. Three subtests were given to the students. The results of the test were as follows:1. Boys performed significantly better than girls in all of the three subtests. 2. Urban students performed significantly better than rural students in all of the three subsets. 3. Eighth─grade students performed significantly better than seventh─grade students in all of the three subtests. Based on the findings, some suggestions to science education were made in this thesis.
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