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Title: 縣市教育局組織內部溝通運行研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Communications Within the Education Bureaus of Local (Hsien) Governments in Taiwan
Authors: 陳堂春
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 縣市教育局在目前我國整個教育行政體制中,居於最基層之地位。其接觸面廣闊,影響深遠,為今日地方教育成敗得失之重要關鍵。在一個如此重要之權關組織中,如何研究改進其行政運作,使其發揮高度功能並提高其工作績效,乃是刻不容緩之要圖。每一個機關或組織,都是由各部門、各單位結合而成,為具有完整生命的有機體,它們均各有其獨特的任務和功能。欲充分發揮群策群力、整體運作之功效,以期圓滿達成機關組織之目標,有效之溝通〈communication〉乃是最值得吾人研究探討的一個課題。美國社會學家柏萊茲〈Robert D Breth〉說:「機關內之溝通,正如人體之血脈一樣,如果沒有溝通活動,機關即趨於死亡。」而且凱斯〈Keith Davis〉也曾說:「溝通是提供訊息,增進員工彼此了解,鼓舞員工工作情緒,促進群體工作,提高工作滿足感的手段,因而良好的意見溝通獲得良好工作表現。」由此可知,良好而有效之溝通可以加強組織間或組織內部各成員彼此間業務及情感之聯繫和協調,建立組織外部密切之公共關係,達成組織整體之和諧和充分之配合,化阻力為助力,使政令得以有效之推展。因此,巴納德〈Chester I. Barnard〉主張:「行政人員的首要任務,即在發展並維持一有效的溝通系統。」筆者多年來服務於縣政府教育局,對這個機關組織有相當深刻的體認和感受,也具有一份高度執著的關注和企盼。希望它能在和諧中求進步,在團結中求發展。然而衡諸目前縣市政府教育局目前溝通運行之實際狀況,深感有許多尚待改進之處。有鑑於此,乃針對此一主題,作一深入之探討,俾供作為縣市政府教育局研究改進的參考。基於上述理由,本研究共有下列三項目的:一、探討目前各縣市政府教育局組織內部溝通運行之實際狀況。二、分析教育局成員對教育局溝通運行現況之滿意程度。三、綜合研究結論,據以提出具體建議,作為研究改進教育局溝通運行之參考。
This research is aimed to study the perceptions of present situation and the extent of satisfaction concerning the communications within the Education of Hsien Governments in Taiwan. And through the survey all the results collected will be calculated and analyzed to distinguish if there is any difference among these members due to different sex, age, education, position and years in service. This study uses the methods of theory research and survey analysis. First, according to the theory about the administrative constitution, behavior and organizational communication as theoretical framework, the present writer designed a sheet of Questionnaire studying” The Communications within the Education Bureau of Hsien Government in Taiwan.” All the members working in Education Bureaus are Subjected for this survey. The statistical analysis of the survey is conducted by total scores, frequency and the significance of difference. A. Conclusions derived from the result of this survey:1. Generally speaking, the usage of communicative medium is effective in each Education Bureau. All the respondents have rather similar opinion toward most questions, but due to the different position there is a significant difference in their answering toward some questions. 2. The handicapping factors will not handicap the communication in Education Bureau, but there is still some handicapping factors must improve for the communicative operation. Due to the different sex, age, education, position, years in service, there is significant difference among the respondents about their Perceptions of present communicative situations. There are few conflict in opinions among members within Education Bureau. The essential reason of conflict is due to bad communicative skill. The important approach of coordination for solving conflict is to adopt the effective communicative skill. The chief method of coordination is to establish the harmonic human relationship. The essential eufunction of contfict is to
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