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Title: 學校組織與學校文化
Other Titles: School Organization and School Culture
Authors: 陳奎憙
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 教育社會學研究的主旨,乃在運用社會學的概念來分析教育制度並澄清教育問題。本文之主要目的乃在運用社會學的觀點探討學校組織與學校文化。全文共分四部分:首先,在於利用其結構與功能;其次,從文化與次文化(subculture)的觀點,來探討學校組織文化(或簡稱「學校文化」culture of the school)的特質,藉以瞭解現代學校教育的文化層面;第三,分析學校組織與學校文化的關係;最後,以塑造精緻學校文化的途徑作為本文的結論。
The main purpose of the sociology of education is to analyze educational institution and educational process from sociological perspectives. This study expects to explore the school organization and the school culture through a sociological analysis. There are four parts in this study. First, the school is regarded as a formal organizational and its structure and functions are discussed. Second, the organizational culture of the school is analyzed so as to clarify the cultural background of school life. Third, the relations between the organization and the culture of the school are explored. At last, some suggestions for betterment of school culture are made based on the findings of this study.
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