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Title: 回國留學生之工作滿意及其對留學政策之啟示
Other Titles: Job Satisfaction of the Chinese Students Returned from Abroad and Its Revelations to this Country's Educational Policies of Studying Abroad
Authors: 陳惠珠
Issue Date: Jun-1980
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 一九六○年至七○年代,聯合國、美國國會及世界經濟合作發展組織相繼發表有關的調查報告,指出「人才外流」乃一世界性的嚴重問題,高水準人力資源的移動,擴大了以開發與未開發國家間的差距,同時也構成了世界和平的威脅。尤其聯合國的報告更進一步指出,受人才外流問題之影響較大者,為大多數亞洲地區開發中國家,而在亞洲各國當中,又以中華民受害最烈。該報告且從深入分析,大多數中華民國人才的外流皆肇因於留學生之「學而不歸」。有關的統計資料顯示,自政府遷台迄今,每年皆有大批學子負笈國外深造,出國留學已成社會時尚。尤其民國五十年來,每年皆有數以千計的大專畢業生出國留學,民國六十七年經教育部核准出國人數且高達四、七五六人,創政府遷台以來之最高紀錄。反觀留學生回國服務狀況,從每年平均約百分之十的留學生回國服務來者,百分之九十的我國留外學生一去不復返,形成了我國高水準人力資源的大量流失,對於國內社會、政治、經濟建設的各層面,亦深具影響。
The implementation of this country's education of studying abroad began since more than one hundred years ago. And in fact, it contributed significantly to this country's past political, economic and social development. But its short-comings still exist. Especially for the nearest several years, the brain-drain problem in this country has resulted in a fact that her educational investment has become in vain. Therefore, it is in need of exploration that how to heighten these returnees’ commitment to this country and guide them to get higher job satisfaction. In view of the above considerations, this thesis focuses on the following purposes: 1. To analyze the brain-drain problem in this country and examine the defects of the educational policies of studying abroad. 2. To investigate the job satisfaction of the returnees, and the states of their returning to serve this country. 3. To make reference to relevant literature and examine the results of investigation so as to explore the revelations of the returnees' job satisfaction to this country's educational policies of studying abroad. 4. To summarize the research findings for the purpose of providing concrete suggestions to revise this country's educational policies of studying abroad. To meet these purposes, investigative approach was undertaken, and 500 returnees were under investigation. The main research findings are as follows: 1. Generally, the returnees are satisfied with their job which they undertake presently. 2. The returnees who return to their original position after the completion of their in-service study abroad are more satisfied with every ways of their jobs of all. 3. The returnees who serve in the universities and colleges are more satisfied with their jobs than others. 4. The more close the fields which the returnees studied relate to their jobs, the more job satisfaction they get. 5. The better the returnees adapt to the living way in this country, the more they get job satisfaction.6. The stronge
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