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Title: 國民小學教師的教育價值觀
Other Titles: Elementary School Teachers Conceptions of Educational Value
Authors: 陳寶山
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 價值是人類的創造,需要經過學習才能了解價值的意義,並形成價值觀念。國民小學是學習的開始階段,又最容易受教師的影響,價值的學習也是如此。價值教學在國民小學階段最為重要,要幫助兒童建立正確的價值觀念,事實上不能單靠說教、規定、獎懲等手段,教師本身的示範作用,因勢利導,所顯示給兒童行為的典範,是最好的教育方式。故而國民小學教師的教育價價觀念是否正確,實為決定國民教育成敗的重要關鍵。
In order to understand the elementary school teachers’ conceptions of educational value and make certain of their missions on value;nature, meanings and categories of value were discussed at the beginning of this thesis. A survey was then made by sampling 520 elementary school teachers according to their human districts in Taiwan and their lengths of teaching. The same questionnaire was also answered by some junior normal college teachers during their summer extension courses at Graduate Institute of Education of National Taiwan Normal University. In comparison between these two groups, differences were found (1)the indications of the meaning of value (2)attitudes toward teaching (3)teaching methods (4)conceptions of teaching and (5)their ways of daily living. In accordance with elementary school teachers’ answers, the following conclusions were drawn:1. The Nature of Value. (a)Human being is the center of values. value has certain degree of persistence.(c)Each person’s value system is unique.(d)Value is a kind of faith.(e)Value is an internalized symbolic system. 2. The Meanings of Value.(a)Value means “worthwhile”.(b)Value means ”excellent”.(c)Value means “useful”.(d)Value means “important”.(e)Value means “virtuous”. 3. Categories of Value (a)In terms of forms, there are valuable and valueless, positive value and negative value, internal value and external value, absolute value and relative value, high level value and low level value.(b)In terms of dynamics, there are necessary value, ideal value and emotional value.(c)In terms of nature, there are cultural value, social value and personal value. 4. The meanings of educational value are as follows.(a)Education means “worthwhile”.(b)Education means “excellent”.(c)Education means “useful”.(d)Education means “important”.(e)Education means “virtuous”. The value of education can be observed through its functions. The most basic and important ones are as follows. (a)Individual Development ─ Education is to develop pupil
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