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Title: 主張泛智的教育學者
Other Titles: J. Comenius, A Typical Educator of Pansophism
Authors: 林玉体
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: J. Comenius 是十七世紀主張泛智(pansophism)的教育學者。當時學術界充斥著「百科全書」式的知識追求,認為只要為學方法正確,教材編寫良好,人人都有能力可以了解各領域的學問。Comenius在教育史上的重要貢獻,就是編寫第一本有圖畫的教科書,使學童有強烈的學習欲望;其次,他也是史上首位將「學制」予以系統化的學者,將學校制度以六年為一期而分為四個階段,使學校組織更具明朗化。更令人景仰的是他有前瞻性的世界觀,為求世界和平,期望透過愛的教育而鼓吹國際組織的成立,以仲裁各國糾紛,不應訴諸武力,這些遠見,有賴後人繼續努力,促使早日實現。
J. Comenius, A Typical Educator of Pansophism─Yu-Tee Lin emerging from the current thought of Pansophism in the 17th century Europe, J. Comenius was an eminent and representative educator with advanced teaching method, educative materials, school system, and perspective of world-wide organization for the purpose of global peace. Optistical view in the field of academic and educational advancement contracted with his personal tragedy of encounter in his whole life, Comenius endeavoured to give every child enjoyed a pleasural school experience through the means of sense realism. He organized four steps of school system, six years respectively from six years of age. Especially, credit will undoubtly be granted to him, when people in the 20th century troubled with the political confrontation among nations and appeal the peaceful resolution to the United Nations will thank to Comenius who had far-sighted view of the similar organization two hundred years before.
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