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Title: 師大教育研究所的建立和發展經過
Other Titles: Establishment and Development of Graduate Institute of Education at National Taiwan Normal University -A Talk to Graduate Students-
Authors: 賈馥茗口述
Issue Date: Jun-1990
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: Educational research was not developed in the first few years after the government moved to Taiwan due to lack of finance and facilities. When former Taiwan Provincial Teacher's College promoted to Normal University in 1954, Research Institute of Education (RIE, later change to present name, Graduate Institute of Education, GIE) was in plan for its establishment by Professor Pei-Lin Tien, Dean of School of Education. The next year GIE Began to admit graduate students through entrance examination. I was admitted with other four fellow—students. Professor Tien took the Directorship of GIE also. Later in class I learned from Professor Tien that the name of GIE had been so chosen to mean its functions:doing researches on the one hand and cultivating teaching staff in education on the other. Concerning course studies, there was no priority for course planning, only whenever a scholar was available, a course would be offered according to his special knowledge. He insisted that a student in education should have a strong background in philosophy because education was, as well as culture, a work of creation and transmission that must be integrated in a body of systematic knowledge. Based upon this ideas, courses offered at GIE in the first decade were mostly philosophical in addition to educational. Courses in education were both theoretical and practical including national and foreign countries such as England, Germany, Japan and America. The latter part of Professor Tiens' publications was collected in a two—volume book entitled “Education and Culture” in which you can discover his philosophy of education. When I finished my Master's in 1955, I took a lectureship at the Department of Education for one year;then, I went to the United States and attended the University of Oregon. But I was required to work on another Master because GIE was not internationally recognized at that time. Yet it did not make any difference to me as I believed that the longer I studies, the more
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