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Title: 國中輔導工作評鑑之研究
Other Titles: An Investigation of Guidance Evaluation in Junior High School
Authors: 白博文
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 教育評鑑正式在我國出現是最近幾年的事,民國五十七年台灣省教育廳公佈「台灣省國民中學校務設施評量表」,六十三年度教育部指定若干高中試辦學生評量與輔導工作,教育部為了瞭解試辦情形,以作為改進的方針,乃制訂「高級中學試辦學生評鑑與輔導工作評鑑表」逐年辦理評鑑工作。不過當時這些評鑑工作屬局部性與試辦性,因此並未引起普遍的重視。真正大規模全面性的教育評鑑,則是民國六十四年開始實施的大專學校教育評鑑。除了大專院校辦理評鑑工作之外,其餘高級中等學校及國民中小學亦自六十七學年起分別由省(市)教育廳(局)辦理評鑑工作。
valuation is a long─range, systematic and constant process. It uses scientific methods and applies all kinds of data and techniques to value feasible ways as a basis for decision making and improvement. The purposes of the guidance evaluation in junior high school are ─ through self─study in a school itself, inter─evaluation among schools, and professional evaluation ─ to assess to what extent the guidance service of a junior high school works, furthermore, to explore where and how to improve it, and to bring guidance service into full play. Guidance evaluation may systematically utilize professional knowledge and technology, and it must be objective.The purpose of this study is to investigate how to improve the guidance evaluation in junior high school for continual progress and renovation.This study explored four questions:(1)Related theories of evaluation.(2)Actual affair of guidance evaluation.(3)Actual situation of guidance evaluation in junior high school in our country.(4)Synthesize results and propose new strategy.Theory─analysis and survey method are used. At first, this study theoretically explored related literature of educational evaluation, realized its implication and significance, furthermore, understood the actual affair of guidance evaluation respectively, then used them as a basis to discuss the practical situation of guidance evaluation in junior high school. To make this study more objective, this study is added by questionnaire to know the relation of school faculties and to provide references for improvement.This paper is divided into nine chapters:Chapter I:IntroductionChapter II:Concepts and methods of educational evaluationChapter III:Principles and process of educational evaluationChapter IV:Patterns of educational evaluationChapter V:Actual affair of guidance evaluationChapter VI:Actual situation of the guidance evaluation in junior high school in our country.Chapter VII:Design of study and implementationChapter VIII:Data analysisChapter V
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