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Title: 國民小學組織氣氛之調查研究
Other Titles: An Investigation of the Organizational Climate at Elementary Schools in Taiwan, R.O.C.
Authors: 邱貴發
Issue Date: Jun-1982
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究的目的有下列三項:1. 從學校組織的特性,說明學校組織氣氛的性質內容構及類型,使學校組織氣氛的研究,具有較合適的理論依據。2. 實際調查國小組織氣氛現況,分析若干基本變項與國小組織氣氛的關係,並選取三所學校,嘗試性地進行個案式的分析,期能奠定研究學校組織氣氛的基礎。3. 結合理論探討與實徵研究,以期說明組織氣氛研究,在學校組織系統運行上的意義與效用。
The purpose of this study were:(1)to describe the nature, content construct and types of Organizational Climate(OC);(2)to survey the existing OC at elementary schools;(3)to combine(1)with(2)for further explaining what the meaning of OC in the operation of school system is. The Organizational Climate Description Questionnaire (OCDQ)invented by Halpin & Croft was modified and used in surveying the existing OC. Samples were composed of 47 schools and 493 elementary school teachers. Data were processed by one─way ANOVA and Scheff's method. There are some findings as follow:(1)Elementary Schools nearly reveal the similar OC;e.g. with low Disengagement, high Esprit and medium Hindrance.(2)Remote schools have lower Disengagement and Hindrance than other schools.(3)Schools with small size(under 12 classes)have higher Esprit.(4)Feamale teaches have lower Disengagement than male teaches.(5)Head─Teachers have lower Aloofness, higher Thrust and higher Consideration than other teachers.(6)Teacher with the years of teaching over 21 years have higher Esprit, lower Aloofness and higher Thrust. According to the findings mentioned above, some recommendations were submitted:(1)to cultivate an open and harmonious school OC.(2)to solve some hindrance─ factors in teaching─learning process.(3)to enhance the communication between teacher and principal.(4)to improve the problem of too many classes in one school.(5)to honor the fine good teachers.
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