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Title: 高中生行為適應問題之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Adjustment Problems Among Senior High School Students in Taiwan
Authors: 蔡敏光
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究係基於學校輔導工作之需要,以開放性問卷調查台灣地區公私立三十所高級中等學校四千一百一十二名學生之困擾問題,據以編成『行為適應問題自檢量表』,並正式就台灣地區公私立三十五所高級中等學校四千四百九十四名學生進行抽樣調查。本研究旨在探討高中階段學生各類行為困擾問題及其尋求輔導的意願與對象之異同情形。
This study was conducted to satisfy the school counseling works and 4494 students drawn from both public and private senior high schools in Taiwan district were surveyed with the self─administered instrument “Behavior Adjustment Problems Check List”. The major purpose of the study was to explore the various kinds of problems of the students at senior high school level, to examine the sources of help which they might prefer for dealing with their own problems, and to identify the priority of the sources of help. Listed below were the findings and conclusions:1. As regards to the General Behavior Problems, there was no significant difference among the subjects of major, sexes and grades:but all the three student variable had their specific problems. 2. Except “Finances and Living Conditions”, among the other ten Serious Behavior Problems, the Common─Subject─Majoring students had more problems of concern than the Vocational─Subject─Majoring ones, but no significant difference existed in different sexes and grades. 3. The major problem areas confronting the students were ranked in order:”School Work and Learning”. “Social and Recreational Activities . “Self─Understanding”. “Further Study and Employment”, with “Family Relations” ranked as last one. 4. Most students(over 83%)preferred to seek appropriate people to help with their personal problems in proper situations. 5. The students were consistently inclined to seek helps from sources ranked in the following order:friends of classmates, parents, brothers or sisters, counselors and class teacher. Based upon the above findings, six concrete suggestions were made as follows:1. Correct learning skills be taught that the students can acquire the good habits of studying. 2. The subject materials and teaching methods be improved and the evaluation instruments be better. 3. The complementary instruction be given positively. 4. The Class Teacher of any class be deliberately appointed. 5. The Student Activity Associations
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