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Title: 「公共道德」概念試析
Other Titles: On Public Ethic
Authors: 郭為藩
Issue Date: Jun-1985
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 民國七十年三月十五日行政院政務委員李國鼎先生應中國社會學社邀請,以「民國七十年代社會學者面臨的挑戰」為題,分析台灣地區三十年來由於經濟發展引起的社會問題,呼籲建立新的人倫規範,以適應工業社會的生活需要。當時李先生提出「第六倫」的概念,表示在五倫之外,需要另一種倫理,以規範個人與陌生社會大眾的關係。翌日國內各大報無不以顯著標題與篇幅刊登講詞要點,並討論「第六倫」的概念。然而在此同時亦有國內學者認為五倫關實已包含人際關係而無遺,不需另增新倫,個人與社會大眾應有的行為規範,亦可由規約五倫的傳統道德理念來推演,凡能實踐五倫規範者,亦必能遵守公共道德,尊重社會大眾的權益,當前「經濟進歩、道德落後」的現象,實因倫理規的不彰與紊亂,而非另需建立一種新規範的問題。
In this paper, the author intends to clarify the concept of“public ethics”, a concept which has become popular and is drawing nation─wide concern nowadays. In comparison with private ethics, which frames the traditional relationship among an individual and the people with whom he associates privately, the author assumes that public ethics is particular in the sense that it is related to an individual and the anonymous general public. While private ethics focus on the principle of reciprocity, public ethics is rather characterized by the absolute obligation of one sideness. The author assumes that public ethics is composed of the following traits:1. loyalty to one's nation, 2. respect of public properity, 3. concern for surrounding and natural conservation, 4. pursuit of honesty and fairness, 5. emphasis on professional ethic codes. In discussing the educator's role in strengthening the momentum of the public ethics movement, it is suggested that public ethics should be interested in courses of“Civics and Morality” at different levels of schools. More empirical research and experimental teaching should also be conducted. Finally, for the purpose of drawing more public attention and awareness, some kind of social movement like“New Life Movement” must be launched.
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