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Title: 國中生價值觀念與父母教養方式關係之研究
Other Titles: The Study of Relationship Between the Concept of Value of Junior High School Students and Their Parents' Child-practice
Authors: 楊自強
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 價值觀念是人的重要心理特質之一。它不僅是人的行為的原動力,同時也是決定人的行為目標的重要影響因素。人並不是生而具有價值觀念,而是需要學習而得這種特質。亦即人需要在某特定的社會文化接受教育而養成價值觀念。由於價值觀念的培養是「社會化」或「文化化」的過程,並且由於個人的價值活動可以影響社會的發展,個人價值觀念與社會文化有密不可分與互為影響的關係。家庭是社會組織的基本單位。個人自小在家庭中所接受的教育經驗有助於個人理想人格的發展,而可使個人習得種種價值觀念。換言之,家庭是塑造個人適當價值觀念及行為模式重要影響場所。故研究青少年的價值觀念與父母教養方式的關係,一方面可使吾人了解青少年的價值觀念,作為學校教育的參考,另方面可使家長注意教養方式的重要性,作為家庭教育之參照。亦因此,無論從學校教育或親職教育而言,本研究皆有其重要性與必要性。
The major purposes of this study were:(1)To investigate the characteristics and patterns of the concept of value of junior─high school students, (2)To analyze the general conditions of child─practice of students, and (3)To find the relations between them. The study concurrently used both theoretical analysis and questionnaire survey. The subjects were 4125 junior─high school of Taipei City. Two instruments were employed:”child─practice questionnaire” and “the value of junior─high school students questionnaire”. The former was designed by author and the later was revised from ‘rokeach value survey”. The data were analyzed with such statistics as one─way ANOVA, Chi─square test. The major findings of the study here as follows:(1)In respect of student value:factors that influenced how much attention students paid to value were individual. Family, parents, They varied a lot on different classified variables of all factors.(2)In respect of child─practice of students’ parents:The child─practice of the parents corresponded to related factors, and presented different kinds of child─practice on the classification of all related factors.(3)In respect of relations between student value and their parents’ child─practice:No relation had been found statistically between parents’ child─practice and different degree of attention that students paid to terminal value, while there was a positive close relationship between the former and different degree of attention that students paid to instrumental value.(1)Both social orientation and individual orientation should be emphasized equally, when engaging in value educating.(2)School and family should be well coordinated, when practicing value educating.(3)Meanings of any possible factor that related with child─practice must be considered carefully.(4)The range and contents of adult education should be expanded(especially to help people to be good parents).
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