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Title: 國民小學校長行政決定之調查研究
Other Titles: Congruence of The Decision-Making Behavior of Elementary School Principals
Authors: 鄭美俐
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 教育為百年樹人的大計,亦是建國強國的基業。為達到作育英才的目的,教育系統必須發揮其整體的功能,方可達成顯著的成果。教育系統能否發揮整體功能,與教育行政人員所作決定的品質具有密切的關係。亦即是說,所作的決定如屬明智有效,則整個行政系統的運行,便較順利允當,自然也較能達成教育系統的目標;否則,適得其反。因為作決定是教育行政的核心功能,其活動貫串了整個行政歷程。一般言之,教育行政包括作決定與執行決定兩種活動,而作決定乃成為教育行政能否有效發揮其功能的重要關鍵。本研究之目的,共有以下四項:(一)探討目前國民小學校長行政決定的類別實況 。(二)分析影響國民小學校長行政決定的情境因素。(三)研究當前國民小學校長行政決定歷程的實況。(四)綜合研究結論,據以提出具體建議,作為國小校長行政決定之參考。
This thesis studies the patterns of elementary school principals' decision─making, the situational factors affecting decision─making in administration, and the process of decision─making. It also analyzes how a principal's level of education and years in service , the geographical area and the number of classes of the school affect his╱her decision─making.This study uses the method of survey analysis. First, adopting Chester I. Barnard's “Occasions of Decision─Making”, Willard R. Lane's “Situations of Decision─Making”, and Daneil E. Grriffiths'“Process of Decision─Making” as theoretical framework, the present writer designed a Questionnaire on the Decision─Making Behavior of Elementary School Principals. The questionnaire was then addressed to 782 principals, selected out of a national total of 2,404(i.e., 32.53%)elementary school principals. Statistical analysis of the survey result is processed in accordance with the significant of difference, analysis of correlation, and ranking of means.The result of the survey has led to the following conclusions:I. In Connection with the Patterns of Decision─Making(1)Among the types of decisions made by elementary school principals, intermediary decisions are most successfully executed, and next in order are appellate decisions, and creative decisions.(2)A principal's level of education and years in service, the geographical area and the number of classes of a school all have conspicuous influence upon his╱her decision─making in administration.II. Situation of Decision─Making(1)Except for Previous Decisions, the four Lanian situational factors─in the case of this study, Tradition of the School, Formal Commitments to individuals or Organizations Outside the School, Pressure from Outside the School, Staff and Personnel Relationships─have a salient bearing upon decision─making.(2)Among the five factors based on Lane's categorization, Pressure from Outside the School influences a principal's decision─making to a most significant d
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