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Title: 國民中學國文科教材之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Teaching Matrials of Chinese in Juunior High Schools
Authors: 何美玲
Issue Date: Jun-1982
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 語文的使用是生活中不可缺少的技能,要使生活圓滿,先決條件便是能有效且正確地使用語文以表達自己的思想,並了解他人所表達的意思。語文的使用是後天習得的,而學校是最重要的學習場所。學校是人類有意安排的學習環境,最基本的目的在使未成熟的一代接受文化的薰陶,更進而創新文化。文化由語文記載而流傳,不論是接受或創造文化,必由識字開始,語文學習因此而成為學校中一切學習的基礎,唯有語文教育成功,學校教育的目的才易達到。因此,對於學校語文教育的各方面都值得作深入的研究。本研究的目的是想由學生學習的角度探討國中國文教材,因此希望了解下列與國中學生學習國文有關的問題:1.學生對學習國文目的的了解與希望如何?2.學生學習國文的感受與方法如何?3.學生學習國文所感覺的困難為何?4.學生在閱讀及寫作方面興趣及其好惡原因為何?5.學生對部頒標準本國中國文教科書及範文難易意見如何?6.學生對部頒標準本國中國文教科書中範文的好惡與感受如何?
Language is the basic tool for communication between people, and it also is the foundation of learning. The teaching of Chinese in Junior high schools should be very important activities and teaching materials should be highly appropriate and effective. Since text─books of the Chinese in Junior high schools are officially composed, it is hoped that these text─books are adequate for pupils learning. How do the pupils feel about the text─books worths knowing. Thus this study was carries out. A sample of 760 Junior high school pupils from eight schools were investigated about their opinions of text─books, learning difficulties, likes and dislikes among lessons, and learning results. According to pupils responses, the following results and suggestions were found:a. The structure of the text─books should be changed and supplement materials should be provided. b. Aim of learning should be clearly indicated. c. Organization and connectedness of the series of text─books should be improved. d. Learning interest should be considered during material─selection. e. Methods of study should be involved in teaching materials.
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