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Title: 國民小學規模與教學環境之關係
Other Titles: The Relation Between the Size of Elementary School and the Teaching-Learning Environment
Authors: 陳秀才
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 學校是主要的「教」「學」環境,迄今吾人已了解規模能產生規模效應(Size Effect)並影響其環境。本研究之目的即在探討國民小學規模與教學環境之關係。本研究共抽樣台北市各型規模(分五型)國小革四所中的三0五位教斤及五0四位五年級學生。以自編的國民小學教學環境問卷及物質教學環境調查表一種做為研究工具。其所包括的教學環境領域乃參照史密斯(R.M. Smith)等所主張及參酌其他文獻而分成三個層面:一為社會情境;二為教學安排;三為物質教學環境等,亦即人、事、物三方面。所有實施所得資料經二因子、單因子變異數分析及卡方考驗,獲得以下幾點發現。
Schools are the main teaching─learning environment, so far as we know, the size of an institution can produce its size effect and deeply affect its ambience. The purposes of this study are to study the relation between the size of elementary school and the teaching ─learning environment. In this study, 305 teachers and 504 fifth grade students were sampled from 24 various sizes of Taipei City municipal elementary schools. Two kinds of Elementary School Teaching─learning Environment Questionnaires and one record of investigation were used. The contents of questionnaire and the record of investigation totally contain three dimensions, there are Social Situation;Teaching ─learning Arrangements;and Physical Environments. Data were construed with two─way ANOVA, one─ANOVA and Kai Square test. The results of the study are summarized as follows:1.There was a negative relation between the social situation and the size of school. The teachers and the students of the small size of school, their social situations were better, their social interactive rate and intensity were all higher and stronger than those in the large ones. 2. There were not significant different among the various sizes of schools in the teachers’ social interactive process, but there were existed in the students’ social interactive process. Students in the large size of schools had strong stress, aggression and withdrawal. 3. The teaching arrangements among all sizes of elementary school were not significant different, however, the learning arrangements in the small size of school were better than those in the large ones. 4. The physical environments in all sizes of schools were not the same. Generally speaking, the school space occupied by per student in the small school was larger than that in the large one. The special classroom was not enough in the large school. Audio─visual aids were perfectly prepared in the large school. The costly athletic equipments in the small were almost wanted. 5. Irrespective
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