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Title: 大學學生特性與班級教學活動
Other Titles: A Framework for Analyzing College Students' Characteristics and College Teaching
Authors: 單文經
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 如眾所週知,在「學術自由」的屏障下,我國大學班級內的教學活動一向較少像中小學班級般,受到注意。大學班級內的教學內容和方法,大多由教師決定,大學生學習結果的成敗,亦大多由教師負責。大學教師同事之間,固然互不干涉,大學的學術行政當局,也不便多予管制。多年以來,彼此適應,倒也相安無事。近年來,外則教學革新的壓力日增,內則學生爭取學習權的意識高漲,大學教師教學的改進,乃至大學生學習效果的提昇等問題,日漸受到重視。然而,我國教育學術界對於類此問題的研究固不多見,一般大眾的論列亦多屬有感而發,較少作有系統的分析。本文作者即是在此一背景之下,引起寫作本文的動機。本文寫作的目的,主要在分析大學班級內,與「教」與「學」有關的概念架構,以增進對大學教學活動的瞭解,俾便作為進一步探討大學教學實際作法的參考。一般而言,教學研究者常以(1)教學目標、(2)學習者特性分析、(3)教學活、(4)教學評量等四者,分析教學的過程。本文受篇幅、時間、資料所限,重點僅放在有關「學習者特性分析」及「教學活動」二個部分,以文獻概覽的方式,加以整理與分析。所整理的文字,以「大學生學習的心理特性分析」、與「大學班級內教學活動的分析」二節為名。
The purpose of this paper was to offer a framework analyzing college students characteristics and college teaching. I hoped that this paper could have implications for the improvement of teaching practices in college classroom. There were two sections, which guided by two general questions, in this paper. First, what does the psychological literature on college student learning and development have to offer college educators as they attempt to understand the characteristics of college students?Second, what does the research on college teaching have to offer college educators as they attempt to design and implant instructional programs to facilitate college students learning and development? In the first section, I discussed four research traditions:cognitive style and cognitive strategies, cognitive development, information processing and metacognition and intelligence, and the motivational literature. These different traditions vary in their assumptions about the nature of learning and development. They have different implications for the understanding of the characteristics of college students. In the second section, I discusses four dimensions of college classrooms:academic tasks, reward and goal structures, instructional methods, and instructor behaviors. This section might have implications for facilitating active involvement in learning so that both cognition and motivation would be improved. I concluded by pointing out that research in above-mentioned areas is promising and should be supported by more funds.
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