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Title: 團體諮商對國中生自我接納的影響
Other Titles: The Effects of Group Counseling on the Self-Acceptance of Junior High School Students
Authors: 劉德生
Issue Date: Jun-1980
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 諮商〈Counseling〉是學校輔導工作中的重要項目,其用意與其說是解決個人的苦惱或問題,毋寧說是援助個人去適應生活,發覺他自己的人格。由於使用團體方式進行輔導工作,具有經濟、真實的社會型態、和多重回饋的團體特性,亦即團體的經驗較個別諮商更普遍、更自然、與個人日常生活中瑳接觸的情況更為接近,因此透過團體成員交互關係形成團體動力,而產生影響作用的團體諮商,便日亦受到重視。就國中生而言,他們正企求從交友關係中獲得別人的認可,並藉之尋求友誼、快樂、和其他有價值的活動,此時若為他人或團體所拒斥,值此新的社會關係建立之始便遭挫折,對其未來的生活適應必有很大的影響。如何幫助學生認識自己,瞭解他人,進而接納自己,正式本研究的旨趣。
The main purpose of this study is to test the performance of group counseling in junior high schools, and to felt students understand himself and others in order to develop their interpersonal relationships and to increase the levels of self-acceptance.A sample of 64 eighth grade boy students are selected through the Self-attitude Questionnaire and the Mooney Problem Check Lists. Other data for this study are collected by the Qtis Quick-scoring Mental Ability Tests, academic achievement and socio-economic background with the view of getting equal group. The subjects are randomly assigned to either the experimental group (counseled) of N=32 or the control group (non-counseled) of N=32. structured group counseling of 20 units is used in this experiment over a period of 41 days. The major findings are as follows: 1. The experimental group shows significantly greater increases (P<.05) in the self-acceptance from pretest to posttest than the control group. 2. The experimental group shows significantly greater decreases (P<.05)in the problem of the relations to people in general from pretest to posttest than the control group. 3. The difference scores for the pretest-posttest and posttest scores indicate no between-group significant differences (P<.05) in the self-acceptance and in the problem of the relations to people in general. 4. In the group dynamics, the experimental group indicates significantly more improvement (P<.05) in the item of group atmosphere by self-appraisal and in the item of silence by teacher-appraisal than the control group. Otherwise, no between-group significant differences (P<.05) were found on the 16 items of group dynamics by classmate-appraisal. 5. It is possible to understand that the group counseling is suited for junior high school students from the expressions, feelings, and discoverings by the clients about himself and others. Based on the findings, the implications for group counseling in junior high schools are discussed and some recomm
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