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Title: 醫院員工接受體重管理計畫介入之成效研究
Other Titles: The Effects of Weight Management Intervention among the Hospital Staffs
Authors: 葛新路
Hsin-Lu Ke
hen-Yin Tung
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究主要是針對職場員工,以增進其體重控制信念和飲食運動自我效能之體重管理計畫進行介入後,測量BMI 、腰圍、體脂肪、體重控制信念、飲食運動自我效能、飲食行為和身體活動量的立即成效和延若效果。 本研究以準實驗設計,採立意取樣,以宜蘭某醫院的職場員工為研究對象,包含實驗組37人、對照組41 人,合計共78名。其中,實驗組實施八週體重管理計畫介入,對照組則不給予計畫介入。 研究結果發現,實驗組接受體重管理計畫介入後,在控制前測下,除體脂肪外,在BMI 、腰圍、身體活動量上均優於前測,且達統計上的顯著差異,表示體重管理計畫介入具顯著且立即之成效。根據詹森一內曼分析結果,實驗組在體重控制信念、飲食運動自我效能和飲食行為的介入成效皆為多數人優於對照組。而在控制前測下,後測除體脂肪外,在BMI 、腰圍、體重控制信念、身體活動量均優於前測,且達統計上的顯著差異,表示體重管理計畫介入具顯著且延君之效果。根據詹森內曼分析結果,實驗組在飲食運動自我效能和飲食行為的介入成效上,皆為多數人優於對照組。本研究發現,以增進體重控制信念和自我效能的體重管理計畫介入,能使員工有效成功減重,並且不復胖,未來可再進行後續追蹤,觀察體重維持的成效。
The purpose of this study was to assess the impacts of weight management program intervention on improvement of the beliefs of weight control and self-efficacy of the diet and exercise toward working staffs. A Quasi-experimental design was utilized and purposive sampling was conducted at a hospital worksite in Vi-Lan. Seventy eight subjects were assigned into test (thirty-seven subjects) and control group (forty-one subjects). The test group, which consisted of thirty-seven subjects, participated in a eight-week program of weight management intervention. The control group, which consisted of forty-one subjects, had no treatment.After the intervention of weight management program, the percentages of the participants' BMI, waistline, and physical activity increased in the test group at the pre- and post testing. That means, there are statistical significances on the intervention of the beliefs of the weight control, exercise self-efficacy and dietary behavior. In addition, exercise self-efficacy and dietary behavior in the follow-up test of test group were statistical significance than those in the follow-up test of control group.The results showed that after the intervention ofweight management program,the participants reduced the weight successfully, and will not gain the weight in thefuture. Hope that these findings stimulate further research into effective weight-loss and maintenance programs.
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