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Title: 國民中學利用社區資源之途徑
Other Titles: The Strategies of Utilizing the Community Resources to the Junior Middle School
Authors: 張新松
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 學校是社區的縮影,此乃自本世紀初葉以來,進歩主義教育學者所提出而普受世人重視的一種教育理念。學校教育發展與運用社區資源二者具有密切關係,此亦為今日教育上所不爭之事實。因為教育之對象來自社區,故如何配合社區現況而靈活地利用社區資源,以改善學習情境,提昇教育效果,誠為當前教育上所刻不緩之要務。
The purpose of using the total community as an educational resource is to bring the school, the student, and real life into communication with one another. The results increase the support of the community for the schools and help to keep the curriculum and learning experiences in the school a relevant part of the community.Community resources, in educational theory, are any materials, places, agencies, activities, or persons in a community that may be utilized by a school program to provide learning experiences.The most common uses of such resources to the junior middle schools are as follows: 1. To conduct field and sight─seeing trips. 2. To go camping. 3. To pay visits to the community and do the citizens some services. 4. To invite the local artists, technologists, and specialists to the school to provide useful experiences in the teaching─learning process. 5. To invite the local government officials, council persons, performers, outstanding individuals and college professors in support of learning in the schools through talks, illustrated lectures, demonstrations, and interviews regarding their respective fields. 6. To pay much attention to the close cooperation with other schools in the educational resources. 7. To utilize the educational resources about the businesses and industries in a local community. 8. To edit the books of local culture in support of the teaching─learning process. 9. To inherit and promote the distinctive physical exercise from the primary schools in the local community. 10. To utilize the public buildings in the community to promote the activities of the local culture. 11. To ask the community─citizens being enthusiastic in education to provide coordination, suggestions and financial assistance for school developments.Community resources used in education are becoming increasingly important in the future. Trends are based upon the needs, goals, and practices of the entire community, from our homes, schools, businesses, professions, arts
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