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Title: 我國實習教師制度之規劃研究
Other Titles: Towards Reorganization of Teacher Induction System in the Republic of China
Authors: 楊深坑
Issue Date: Jun-1992
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 研究動機與目的:世界各國近年來的教育攺革莫不以師範教育之革新為重點之一,師範教育之改革則又以教育實習的強調為共同的趨勢,惟各國毋於社會文化背景不同,其在教育實習上之具體作法亦未盡一致,所茲生之問題也未必全然相同,對次世界各國教育實習之具體作法及其問題,尚未有從當代師資培育理論之發展觀點作深入之比較分析,有待進一步詳加探討,方能尋繹合理可行之教育實習教師制度之準據。就我國當前師範教育體制而言,稽諸相關法令的規定,可見亦相當重視教育實習,惟以制度規劃未臻健全、實習組織不當、經費短絀等因素,使得師範生第五年實習形同虛設,未能充分發揮導引師範生克服從學生到教師,從理論到實際之間可能產生的困擾,近年來國內有關實習之研究均曾證實師範生對於第五年實習滿意程度低落,實習工作困擾多端,經過實習之後任教意願降低等。由此可見,我國實習教師制度亟需改進,惟夷考相關研究,略皆以問卷調查為主,試圖在現有體制下,提出輔導實習教師之策略,其研究與建議在現有體制下,自有其價值。然而,問題癥結所在,恐更在於整體制度規劃未臻健全,有待從制度層面,作全面性的深入分析,以為實習制度根本變革之參考。
Through theoretical analysis, comparative education method, depth interview and questionnaire, this study attempts to propose a reasonable and practicable teacher induction system for linking educational theory and school experience and thus improving the teacher's quality in the country. First of all, theories of competency—based teacher education, teacher career development, professional socialization and humanistic teacher education are carefully examined to formulate the theoretical guidelines for reasonable design of teacher induction system. The second main part of the study deals with the comparison of the teacher induction system in the U.S.A., England, France, Germany, Japan and the Republic of China. The results of half—year depth—interview of probationary teachers are presented in the third part. The survey with a questionnaire on the design of teacher induction system administered to 1775 samples shows that most of the samples advocate the proposed reform of teacher induction in the country. Finally, a carefully elaborated institutional framework of teacher induction is proposed to improve the quality of teacher in R.O.C.
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