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Title: Taiwan's Modernisation: A Case of Lack of Autonomy in Education
Other Titles: 臺灣之現代化:乏自主性自律之教育
Authors: 溫明麗
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本論文撰寫之際正逢台灣社會急遽邁向現代化。因此,本論文試圖反省台灣教育之瓶頸,期能為台灣教育之邁向現代化盡一份心力。本論文分三部份:第一部份,自社會、文化面向反省台灣邁向現代化之阻因;第二部份,自教育內部探討台灣邁向現任化瓶頸之所在;第三部份,由教育哲學之觀點提出因應台灣教育現代化之可行方案。易言之,本文將討論下列主要問題:第一、什麼是今日台灣現代脈動之走向?第二、由教育之觀點言之,阻礙台灣現代化之關鍵因素何在?第三、是否批判性思考能力之培養為促使台灣邁向現代化根本之道?第四、指判性思考教學是否可能在台灣實施?如何實施?第一部份,論者自台灣史探索中,發現台灣社會文化發展,曾因政治因素之影響遲希了政治現代化的腳步時;同時,因著政治之喪失自主權,教育功能亦未曾理想發揮。當時教育最明顯的目的分別是:宗教化與日本化。然,是否經荷蘭人與日本人之統治後,台灣人民已澈底覺悟?第二部份,自教育觀點反省台灣人民迄今未能澈底覺悟之可能因素,此等因素亦是教育未發揮應有功能處。本部份指產自教育之可能癥結:教育目的狓窄化化、反人文化(工具理性化)及與自我之疏離化。而滌除此癥結之根本對策之一為培養人民具批判性思考。第三部份,透過闡述批判性思考本質論述批判思考對台灣邁向現代化之必要性。最後,提出一則批判性思考教學課程配製原則例示,以供進行批判性思考教學之參考。
This paper is written at a time when Taiwanese political system is changing. These changes towards a more democratic form of government are inaugurated as Taiwan's modernization. Also, education towards modernization, claimed by the National Education Association, has been an appeal to the public(Kuo, 1993). The purposes of this paper, therefore, are to provide a critical review of current educational problems in Taiwan via examining cultural, social and educational framings, then to show education the way towards modernization. Following these purposes, three parts will be dealt with:a)Taiwan's historical and current movements for modernization;b)The curbs on Taiwan's movement towards modernization:an educational perspective;and c)the significant solution to the current educational problems of Taiwan. In other words, the following questions will be addressed:what is the movement of Taiwan's modernity nowadays?What are the obstacles in educational systems that curb Taiwan's movement towards modernization?Why is the teaching of critical thinking significant for Taiwan's modernity?And how is teaching for critical thinking to be put into practice in Taiwan?
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