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Title: 教師暑期部「空中教學」與「到校上課」教育成效之比較研究
Other Titles: A Comparative Study on the Educational Effectiveness of Teachers College's Summer Session on TV Programs and at School Programs
Authors: 朱振昌
Issue Date: Jun-1980
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 國民小學是國家教育制度的根基,而國小教育的成敗繫於小學師資的良窳。師範專科學校擔負培養國民小學師資的任務,所以師專教育在整個師範教育體制中,佔有重要的地位。自從四十九學年度起,師範學校相繼改制為師範專科學校以來,往後的十二年間變革甚大,先是成立三年制師專,除招收師範學校畢業生為甲類專外,並招生高中(職)畢業生為乙類師專,在學二年,實習一年。但旋即廢除乙類師專,並於民國五十二學年度起,依照全國第四次全國教育會議的主張,成立五年制師專,招收初中(職)畢業生,肄業五年,始奠定目前師專教育的基礎。後來為因應不同的需要,先後成立三年制師專夜間部與暑期部(包括到校上課與利用空中教學兩種方式),於是師專教育變成多元性。因此,在制度上與課程上,出現紛雜的情況。
The aim of this study can be deseribed as follows: First, to investigate the current situation of summer session in the teachers colleges of the Republic of China;Second, to gather information on the accountability and trends of TV program in other countries; Third, to evaluate the professional knowledge, professional attitude, and role perception of the teachers who attend the summer session of teachers colleges; The questionnaires are devised to survey. The subjects which include the primary school teachers attending the summer session of the teachers college by either TV program (N=1,300) or at school programs (N=1,282).The results of this study reveal: 1. In the domain of professional knowledge: After completing summer session courses, the teachers, both taking part in the TV program and at school program, increase their professional knowledge and recognize that the programs are helpful for their professional growth. 2. In the domain of professional attitude: The teachers who receive at school program are superior to those who receive TV program in the domain of positive professional attitude (P<.001). 3. In the domain of the perception of teacher's role: The teachers who participate in the school program are superior to those who attend on TV program in the domain of the perception of teachers role (P<.001). Based on the above conclusions, the author suggests: 1. To improve the professional training courses of primary school teachers and to put more emphasis on the research theories and practice of professional curriculum. 2. To make good use of TV program so as to enrich the teachers professional knowledge. To systematize teacher in-service training programs. 4. To as certain the objectives of teacher in-service training. The objectives of teacher training education must be different from that to teacher in-service training in terms of their stresses on the teaching subjects, teaching method and the research of education.
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