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Title: 從《詩輯》論嚴粲《詩經》學重要觀念
Authors: 陳清茂
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 嚴粲《詩緝》採用傳統解經手法,緝集諸家之長,深入考辨,故能時出新意。嚴粲的《詩經》學觀念,展現在以下幾點:以儒家美刺觀點解釋今本十五國風之次第與刺淫之詩非淫人自作,肯定〈詩序〉的解經價值,以體之大小解釋大、小雅之別,將興之兼比者視為興之常體。嚴粲及其《詩緝》在宋代《詩經》研究領域中,為傳統派的重要代表,在整個《詩經》學史上,也佔有一席之地。
Yan Can's “Shi Qi” used traditional interpretation approach and collected the main concepts of different schools, in order to propose new perspectives in the review. Yan's concepts on “Shi Jing” presented the following ideas: using Meici's perspective to explain that the order of the folk songs of fifteen states and sexually promiscuous poems were not written by obscence persons; confirming the interpretation value of “Shi Xu”, using size to explain the difference between Da Ya and Xiao Ya; treating initiative implying figuration as the norm of initiative. In the research of Song Dynasty “Shi Jing”, Yan and his “Shi Qi” is treated as the main representative of the traditional school, and considered important in the research history of “Shi Jing”.
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