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Title: 《紅樓夢》中"把"字句的「"VP"類型:兼論幾種"把"字句的「變型」
Authors: 王錦慧
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 把'字句又稱「處置式」,一般句式是'把+NP+VP'。本文主要討論《紅樓夢》中 ' 把 ' 字句的 ' VP ' 類型,與幾種 ' 把 ' 字句的」變型」。 基本上,'VP ' 結構可以分為(一)單個動詞、動詞重疊式,(二)狀述結構,(三)述補結構,(四)述賓結構,(五)形容性或名詞性結構,(六)主謂結構,(七)遞繫結構,(八)連謂結構等八種類型。其中在 ' 狀述結構 ' 這節,論及否定詞在 ' 把 ' 字後的用例,文中提出這是受到否定句提賓,否定詞由修飾介詞移位修飾動詞與金元外族語影響所產生的。 ' 把 ' 字句的變型,是特殊的 ' 把 ' 字句式。從結構上分析,共有(一)把 + VP (二)把 + VP (三) [ 把 +NP �窗A 把 +NP �� ] + VP (四) [ 把 +NP �窗A V �� + V �� +NP �� ]+VP (五) [ 把 +NP �窗A V+NP �� ]+VP (六)把 +NP+VP, ' VP' 為 ' 把 +NP+VP' 等六種。這六種變型產生的原因,前四種是採省略、刪除方式,後兩種是為了強調處置的對象與結果。
BA-constructuion is also referred to "disposal construction". The general usage of these sentences shall be 'BA+NP+VP'. The writer will discuss different types of BA-construction and its variation based on 《The Dream of the Red Chamber》. Typically, 'VP' construction is divided into the following classes: (1) unitary verbal, verb duplication; (2) adverbial-predicate construction; (3) predicate-complement construction; (4) predicate-object construction; (5) adjectival or nominal construction; (6) subject-predicate construction; (7) pivotal verb construction; (8) serial VP construction. While discussing "adverbial-predicate construction", the writer will particularly analyze the position of 'BA' in a sentence. Generally, the negative adverb shall be placed in front of 'BA'. However, in 《The Dream of the Red Chamber》, there are lots of examples showing that the negative adverb is placed behind 'BA'. The writer contributed them to the following reasons: its relation to an object, the negative adverb being shifted from modifying participle to verb, and the influence of foreign languages used by Kim people. The variation of 'BA' construction is kind of special 'BA' construction. According to structure analysis, they can be classified into the following classes: (1) BA+VP; (2) BA+NP; (3) [BA+NP1, BA+NP2]+VP; (4) [BA+NP1, V1+V2+NPW]+VP; (5) [BA+NP1, V+NP2]+VP' and (6) BA+NP+VP. Items of (1) to (4) are subject to the variation of omission and deletion. Items of (5) and (6) emphasize on the disposed object and its results.
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