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Title: 廖平經學六變所建構的歷史圖像
Authors: 林淑貞
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 廖平,是中國近代史上一位特異獨行的怪傑,其經學思想凡經六變,對於六變,世人褒貶不一,本文嘗試紬繹其六變軌則,冀能勾稽其企圖建構之歷史圖像,以察其創制初心。論述理序分為五大部份:一、從廖平的生平及著作來考察六變的時代背景及其所面對的課題。二、勾勒六變的內容以了解前後變化的軌跡。三、藉由六變,爬梳其開展出來的義理詮釋路向。四、此六變之意義,終究欲建構出什麼樣的歷史圖像?其理論根柢何在?如何可能?五、六變對於時人及後人之影響何在?
Liao Ping was an unique genius in recent history of China.His study of the classics had experienced with six variations, which had been commented with appreciation as well as criticism. In this paper, Iwould try to analyze the general rules of his six variations, in order to outline the historical image of which Liao Ping intented to construct. I will discuss in five parts: 1. Reviewing the historical background in the age of Liao Ping and those issues he had confronted according to his story and writings. 2. Outlining the content of the six variations to track out the context of those variations. 3. Sorting out his interpreation about principles based on the six variations. 4. What king of historical image he intended to construct through the six variations? What were the theories he based on? And how? 5. what did the influences the six variations had on contemporary and decendant people?
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