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Title: 王船山乾坤並建的義涵及倫理向度
Authors: 侯潔之
Issue Date: Sep-2006
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 突破易卦以乾為首出的傳統見解,船山將坤提起來與之並舉,並以「十二位陰陽半隱半現」說為義理根據。「並建」的提出,旨在通過乾坤不離的關係,強調二者之於存在的實現具有同等的價值意義。歸結於人道,「乾坤並建」規約了本體必安頓於現實的價值方向,說明缺乏由內致外的生活實踐必非道德的真實體現。在「十二位陰陽半隱半現」說的架構中,乾坤與六十二卦的體用關係,通過隱現爻位的滿全,使卦體之紛繁僅顯氣用限制,無妨於乾坤之理的全具。而十二爻位的隱顯架構所開展出的體用圓融關係,適足以肯定日用實踐的無限意義。綜言之,船山以「乾坤並建」作為易學的核心命題,是從實存的眼光,於存在面開顯形而上的超越面向,進而在氣的通貫中,肯定道德實踐之必然及其無限價值意義。
By breaking through the traditional viewpoint of basing mainly on heaven in the Book Of Changes, Chuan Shan raise the position of earth by including heaven at the same time. In addition, he based on the saying of 「Half Concealment & Half Appearance Of The Twelve Ying and Yang」 as the basis of his theory. The purpose of the presentation of 「joint establishment」 is to emphasize that the completion of heaven and earth in the phenomenon sector through the relationship of inclusion of heaven and earth at the same time has similar value meaning. To express in morality, the 「joint establishment of heaven and earth」 standardizes that the self body has to be materialized in the realistic value direction and explains that the shortage of livelihood practice from the heart is not the realization of the truth of morality. In the structure of the 「Half Concealment & Half Appearance Of The Twelve Ying and Yang」 and the physical relationship of heaven and earth and sixty two divinatory symbols, through the twelve concealed and appeared Yao position, the numerous and complicated and changeful Yao divinatory symbol will only display the limitation of Chi and there is no interference on the expression on the reason of heaven and earth. In addition, the physical harmonious relationship unfolded by the concealed and appeared structure of the twelve Yao divinatory symbols is sufficient to affirm the infinite meaning of the practice of life. In summary, Chuan Shan based on the 「Joint Establishment Of Heaven & Earth」 as the core topic assignment of the study of the Book of Changes. From the view of pragmatism, the form will show in the phenomenon side upwards and will surpass facing a certain direction and then further in the unobstructed Chi, the certainty of the morality practice and its infinite value meaning can be affirmed.
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